Ross Wallis + Digital Media + Art

teacher and enthusiast

This site is a showcase for my explorations in art and digital media, the work that I do as an art teacher specialising in digital media, and as an artist and craftsman in my own right.

I have divided the site into two sections - professional and personal - the former being a place for all the digital work that I am involved it, as an Apple Distinguished Educator and Adobe Education Leader. This section of the site is mostly my own explorations into creative digital media in relation to the teaching of Art. My personal site contains an archive of my own artwork, photography, and craftwork, and a family archive of photographs and film.

© - All the work on this site is copyright - please contact me if you wish to reproduce any of the content published here.


My current passion is blipfoto - a photo site like flickr, but with a twist - one photo a day only, and the photo has to have been taken on the date it is uploaded to. A real discipline, to which I have added another - all my photos are taken and edited on my iPhone - iPhonography. If you click on the image below it will open blipfoto - but you have to sign up, and then subscribe to my album to see all my photos - so I have created an album of my selected best - you click here

The image in the title bar was created in minutes, demonstrating digital montage to one of my 6th form students. The photo of the DC11 is reproduced by permission of Dyson Limited. I include it on this home page as it epitomises what I am about - teaching playfully, lightly, using cutting edge technology in my teaching, integrating the traditional with the new.