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A painting that I created in the early 80's as a gift for my sister Bridie, who was very involved at the time in the Peace Camp at Molesworth, and the Bread not Bombs campaign there, where peace makers cultivated an area of the proposed cruse missile base, to grow wheat to be sent to Eritrea.

Creations with found objects
Anima drawings from the mid 80's
Life Class
Early Works - from GCSE, A'level
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Libby Film

Foundation Course in Art and Design - Leicester, 1976 - 1978

Art Degree - works from my time studying Fine in Sunderland from 78 to 81

early sketchbook

Pages from early sketchbooks, dating between 1982 and 1987

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Attic Collection - in moving house all the artwork that I have had stored in the attic at Tweentown House has been sorted through - these are a collection of drawings - mostly life drawings, many of them dating back 30 years and more.
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My drawings from Sidcot lifedrawing sessions