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This was my very first jumper, hand knitted in the early 80’s as a response to some unhappiness that I can’t recall - but the idea came from my men’s group - hence this is the men’s group jumper. It was made form carpet wool, and was thus very scratchy and hardwiring - I have it still, although I never wear it.

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A second jumper in carpet wool

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A jumper for Laurie - who actually wore it when he had no real choice - later he would not be seen in a hand knit...

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A jumper for Ruth

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And a jumper for Bill

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Christams Socks

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And Hats

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A Hat for Chris

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A random knit for Andrew

All the above knitting was done in the first epoch, when children were very small. After this there was a break of some 15 years before I started knitting again - socks initially, inspired by Cheryl, and a pair that we knitted for Joe's birthday, knitting one sock each… after which there was not stopping, everyone in the family acquired rossocks over the coming few years, as I was chosen as their secret santa.