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Eadweard Muybridge - Phenakistoscope disk, 1893 Philip Glass on Eadweard Muybridge
E. Reynaud - Autor d'une cabine 1894 Auguste and Louis Lumière - The Danse Serpentine, 1896 Émile Cohl, Fantasmagorie 1908. These two animations came from the web toy below, a modern day zoetrope, with anyone and everyone the experimental artist webcam stopframe A short reciprocating animation that introduced a television program on the concept of the infinite. An excerpt from Jan Švankmajer's 'Alice in Wonderland' Three adverts that make use of stopframe and digital animation techniques. Sophisticated stop frame animation using pixillation This is one of a number of reciprocating films made by a fellow educator, Tom Barrance of Media Education Wales An Interactive story that makes use of the accelerometer on the iPad - a similar idea to the zooming iphone story 'shadows never sleep' that was inspiration for the flash based story animations that I have been creating, and also linking with the idea of using the accelerometer to create digital flip books.
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