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This site outlines some ideas for project work to be designed for my year 8 digital art students. The main proposal is a web based application based very loosely on the categorisation of character and plot defined by Christopher Vogler in his book The Writer’s Journey, designed to guide students through the writing of a fractured script, with the idea of creating original hybrid fairy tales along the lines of the the Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse (aka consequences). The site would be supplemented by other explorations into the realms of digital storytelling, illustration and animation.

While the main proposal is intended as a teaching resource created by me for my students, I also bear in mind the possibility of project work that the students themselves can achieve, perhaps targeted at a younger audience. The story teller will be a starting point for the project, the students illustrated and animated stories will be the end point.

I am keenest on digital solutions that do not take a lot of learning, where originality and creativity are key, the technology is hidden, students can be creating in minutes, and above all, can enjoy the process. I believe that there is a close relationship between creative energy and play, the worlds of fantasy and the imagination.

Using web based media alters the traditional teacher/student relationship, adding a new dimension to this dialogue. I am interested in exploring this new form of communication in relation to my relationship with my students.

I am also interested in the silhouette as an illustrative device, particularly in relation to the fairy story and to myth, the relationship between the still and the moving image, the space between real and virtual; trompe-l'œil, and the concept of the window, be it screen or frame. All these elements go into the mix.

Ross Wallis. December 2008