I have split this section up into four sub sections:

1. The explorations that I have been doing with students in school

a) Crazy Talk - this was a project with year 7, exploring the creation of avatars.

b) Bob and Bobita - the main experimentation with silhouette animation, spacial montage, and using an updated fairy tale for the narrative element of the work.

c) Experiments with reciprocating and silhouette animation

2. Trials (and tribulations) with Flash

a) Scrubbing - reproducing the scrubbing effect of a film edit suite, flip book, or ipod

b) Inverse Kinematics - working with the new bones feature in Adobe Flash CS4

c) Zoetrope - an adaption of some code that I found and stole, to recreate the effect of a zoetrope.

d) Drag and Drop - exploring the possibilities of creating illustrations with a combination of drag and drop, drawing, and screen capture.

3. The ‘Santa’ experiment

This tested the technical possibilities of getting a database online, but also the possibilities and implications of random answers, the mimetic qualities of ‘make believe’

4. Experimentation with lip sync and Quicktime VR.

a) The creation of an avatar as ‘narrator’, or as an ‘ask teacher’ feature. I experimented in getting this to look as much like me as possible, but in an exaggerated way, to fine a balance between comic and farcical.

b) Looking at quicktime VR technology as a possibility for interactive illustrations.