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Sur La Lune fairytales - Extensive educational site about fairy tales and illustration, including many texts.

Review of book that gives advice on story telling, includes potted versions of plots.

209 tales from the Brothers Grimm, transcribed on line

Huge library of stories and myths on line

Ultra condensed plots to famous movies potted plots for harry potter

Potted Harry Potter plots

The Gutenberg Project - more transcriptions of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

On line Flash game for brain storming and creating myths

Digital story telling application

Teachers resource website for working with fairy tales

Breakdown of V.Propp’s 31 functions of the folk tale

Lesson plan for the creation of random and fractured fairy tales

Wikipedia entry for the Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse

Website devoted to the Exquisite Corpse

iPhone version of the game Exquisite Corpse

Podcast news on iPhone development - episode by Nick Dalton, who programmed ‘Shadows Never Sleep’

Article by Laurie Taylor

Article by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron

Oliver Postgate and Noggin the Nog - Inspiring stop frame animation and story telling

Wikipedia entry

Wikipedia entry

Adobe research into video manipulation

Simple question and answer with the Mona Lisa - the original inspiration for ‘ask teacher’

On line Flash ‘drag and drop’ drawing application

Mr Picassohead - Flash based on line drawing application

On line ‘drag and drop’ dressing up game

Resource site for Flash actionscript

Alice - free programming environment for creating animation and games, aimed at school age students

Video introduction to Inverse Kinematics in CS4

Article about the needs of 21st century schooling

A.L.I.C.E - artificial intelligence foundation

A.L.I.C.E blog - including article on ‘Santabot’

Sitepal (Oddcast) on line avatar creation

Oddcast on line database driven text to speech

Portrait No 1 - artistic chatbot

La Fondation Daniel Langlois

EllaZ - photo based chatbot

Text based chatbot in the form of a book - inspired by the character of Tom Riddle (Harry Potter)

A collection of text based chatbots - including Web Hal and Hampy the Hampster Expert

Fairy tale generator based on Vladimir Propp’s plot components.

On line movie with fractured structure

Tutorial on how to create silhouettes in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Article about the paper cuts of Hans Christian Anderson

Article about the paper cuts of Kara Walker

Wikipedia entry on Phantasmagoria

Wikipedia entry on shadow puppetry

‘Our Man in Nirvana’ - computer animated short film based on shadow puppets

on line consequences game - particularly gross

On line survey creation tool

On line Flash based drawing tool

On line Flash based drawing tool

Link to teaching games - the ‘random learning event generator’

Link to teaching games - the ‘random name picker’ in the form of a virtual fruit machine

On line story creator

On line collaboration tool deigned to group discussions