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I am keen that the application should have as clean and simple an interface as possible. I have chosen to use american typewriter as the font, to fit with and idea of tapping out a story, and reproductions of victorian woodblock illustrations, to fit with the notion of consequences being popularised initially a parlour game in the victorian era.

On the opening screen a touch anywhere takes you straight into the app. There should be the traditional ‘i’ to an information and setting panel - which may include possibilities for linking either to an online database, or a wifi connection with other players.

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The following screens will all look basically the same, as the sort story is built up. I have attempted to use the transition words - ‘who’ and ‘met’ - again keeping this as simple as possible - to direct the form of the response. man’s name - who - woman’s name - who - met - she said - he said - and the consequence was...

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After the first screen, I have left the navigation as self explanatory. This could be a simple click to change screens, but it would be nicer to have a page turn effect, with an accompanying sound. I have been contemplating a way of returning to the previous screen, but as I have said, I am keen to keep the interface as clean and uncluttered as possible. It could be that a swipe to the left would take you to the next screen, and a swipe to the right, to the previous screen.

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In my filemaker version, there is a chance at the end of writing to see and review the story that has been written. Once submitted this is then displayed a little more neatly. It might be that the story could be saved for printing at this point.

FileMaker ProScreenSnapz001
Clicking the random story generator will then bring up a random story, based on all the other stories that have been tapped in and saved. A useful addition for the age group that I have in mind might be a dictionary of rude words - if one of these words is typed in, a warning might flash - or an alternative, less rude word might be suggested. If the app is to be stand alone, on one device, then it would need to be handed around the players, and then the stories shared at the end. A wifi connection would speed the process up, but initially I am keen to keep the app as simple and basic as it can possibly be.

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