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Unfortunately one day a man died in a aeroplane then he rose from the coffin and it’s hair smelt funny then he died again until his body was resurrected from the hell and he came calmly from his garlic bread and he said “help I’m going to hell” For being a naughty boy after he got stabbed with a flamethrower afterwards he died in a big cheese because it ate pickles and fell off a cliff. Bob kicked stabbed threw his cat ate cheese and marmite and pickles and also threw (lots of ketchup that tasted so disgusting), Lasagne... so his donkey kicked him to death.

There were tears of laughter as we read them out, the results of our game of consequences, and pleadings for more despite it being break. We experienced a little difficulty overcoming the boys propensity for toilet humour which they enjoyed and the girls and I were less keen on. As can be seen in this example boys and girls seemed equally keen on violence and death.

My first trial digital cadavre exquis made use of Google Docs - a simple form that I embedded in so that students could access it from home as well as school. Responses came back in the form of a spreadsheet that I imported into a database that randomised the stories.

Later I put the database itself online, accessible though filemaker pro instant web publishing. - user name: admin

The project feeds on what I learned creating the more complex 'The Story Teller's Apprentice' last year; a database that took students though a step by step process to update or create fairy stories.

I am currently in the process of adapting these prototypes into an iphone and ipod app.


Screen Shot of Google Apps Spreadsheet

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