Mediascape Conference, Belfast

I flew over to Belfast for the Mediascape conference at the beginning of December. Due to school commitments I was there for too short a time, but the time I was there was very informative and valuable. I could add some photographs of the docks to this - and some descriptions of the Titanic and BBC mediascape projects - or maybe this should be a different section on the website
1/12/2008 - Mscape Conferece, Belfast

Talk by Constance

Combinations of subjects - especially History

The power of sound - especially rich in history

The Titanic project in Belfast
- Research
Recording of Seagulls

The new beta includes sensors other than GPS - wifi, bluetooth - even a sensor that allows a device to know that another device is near.

Do interactive story as mediascape? based on database story idea - but the story is generated depending on where the pupils walk about - going into and out of regions - so the story has a physical beginning and end, but in between, develops depending on the route that you take - a bit like an interactive story, but the action is physical.

speakers - play files getting louder as you get towards them - these can obviously overlap

Draw someone’s attention to something - direct them with speakers - lead by the sound getting louder.

Will play .swf files - could use Crazytalk - students take photos that then speak

First image could show a map - as the first image - will also show where they are.

Invent story (phone story back in, or use voice recorder) depending on where they are - a tree enters your story,
a stone enters your story,
a stream enters your story,
a hill enters your story,
an old oak tree enters your story,

hit full stop after dragging script - gives other options. Can make hot spots on the screen to create alternate routes. Remembers where you are - create artwork - Richard Long type ‘art trail’ - a ‘viewer’ follows the art trail created by the artist using the gps - looking at the things that the artist has looked at.

Can create quizzes in flash or HTML - can log a path that people have taken (big brother)

5 e’s - explore

Mediascape and the Yeo Valley Farms education centre?
Futurelab create-a-scape website

Riot in Queens Square - getting the story depending on where you walk

Other sensors? heart rate monitor and pollution monitor

BBC mobile learning - Ghosts of Nendrum - finding ghost, listening to their story, then chosing the artifact that was connected with them - the quiz element.

Narizone and Skyhook - produce sensor that works with wifi - can tell where it is based on the wifi base stations relative strength

HTC - decent windows mobile devices - better than iPaq - but HP is also bringing out a new device in the near future.

will work on anything that is running windows mobile

Has built in 2D barcode reader as one of it’s sensors - useful for treasure hunt sort of things.

Microsoft story maker

Outside learning

Frustrations of using Mscape -

GPS drifts
difficulty of working indoors as well as out
ipaq not really designed for this - it is primarily a PDA
screen not very bright

J and Lowe - framework (HP Singapore)
Alan Beecham - Education Bradford - moonwalk based on the school field - two way radio added (or mobile phone) He used wireless sync to email photos and recordings - back to a server, so that they could be placed on a map, using a bit of (PC only) software called Synchroneyes (more big brother...)

How about creating a game of snakes and ladders on the playground - gridded depending on how many steps you take - with instructions... you just stepped in some dog poo, go back twenty paces - find fifty p in the grass - go forward 20 steps. would be a bit like what’s the time mister wolf - would be very easy to create... great idea for a game, and it’s mine!

Priory - Jackie Mason - see on youtube - priory school using youtube to get information across to students

Bluetooth transmitting devices? have a look at

QR codes - experimental release.

The guy from Copenhagen - involved in creating museum guides - email to see how he is getting on?

include an image of Queens Island - the enging of the industrial revolution - the birthplace of the Titanic - now being rebuilt as a creative and information centre - ditto with the centre of Sheffield, and Bristol docks - from site of the industrial might, to the heart of the knowledge based economy - in less than 100 years.

post secret - could be basis of an idea for @retexchange - building a site where children share stories and ideas - like the original postcard idea - but to create little stories - this could also link in with Sydney project.

Powerpoint as an interactive hypertext drawing programme...

‘’ only look for this

306 degree commission - convergent media - web, computer, camera, text

George Steiner - Grammas of Creation

geotagging with iphone

Download Dice for the iPhone...

experiment with Flickr gallery, Geotagging, and emailing direct to Flickr - set up Flickr account.

Anne Friedberg - the Virtual Window

Navizone - Skyhook - windows mobile devices

2d bar code reader sensors

Alex Fleetwood - Hide and Seek