Sidcot School Mediascape Trial

My year 9 group were my guinea pigs for this project, willingly experimenting with the software and hardware, and teaching me how to operate both. Mark in particular helped me to understand Mediascape, spending time after school to explore the Mscape software.

As this was a collaborative project, and also meant groups of students out and about in the school grounds, I co-opted helpers Deniss, pictured here, Jo and Phil.

The links top left are a description of the project, transcriptions of the memories that we recorded, and images that we submitted for a competition.

There are also collections of images in the gallery section: photographs of the Sydney Gardens that my year 9 took during a visit in May 2008, and photographs by and of the current year 9 group both in Sydney Gardens, and around Sidcot.

I structured the these sessions into eight sets of two lessons.

lesson 1 - students took photographs around the school grounds, concentrating on images of themselves

lesson 2 - these were ‘photoshopped’ for the competition

lesson 3 - involved experimentation of recording equipment

lesson 4 - more recording, and developing ideas for a mediascape

lesson 5 - a morning taking photographs and making recordings in Sydney Gardens

lesson 6 - students developed ideas for a Sydney Gardens mediascape, using a large print map and collage

lesson 7 - was devoted to the photoquilt

lesson 8 - is still to come. The current plan it to develop ideas for short animations along the lines of Aarmans ‘creature comforts’, using some of the interviews that we recorded in the park