Meeting with Emma Augusita

25/11/2008 - Meeting with Emma Agusita, Knowle West Media Centre

Emma Agusita

Emma is a digital media practitioner, educator and researcher with a background in informal and formal media education practice and research in community settings. She has worked as a facilitator of grassroots, participative film/video and photography projects, particularly with young people, and as a community radio producer with marginalised groups.

Emma is doing a collaborative PhD with the University of the West of England and the Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol. The AHRC-funded research project aims to evaluate the role of new technologies in young people’s creative media practice in informal educational settings. accessed 6/5/09

Shawn Sobers - Community Media

Harold Reingold - Smart Mobs (work on social networking


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

What good are computers? They can only give you answers.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.

While I am working I am not conscious of what I am putting on the canvas.

Quotes from Picasso - from the website relating to thoughts on blog walking

TEMPORAL 1 a: of or relating to time as opposed to eternity b: of or relating to earthly life c: lay or secular rather than clerical or sacred : civil 2: of or relating to grammatical tense or a distinction of time3 a: of or relating to time as distinguished from space b: of or relating to the sequence of time or to a particular time : chronological
— tem·po·ral·ly adverb

From notes taken this time last year, seminar on Action research

Especially in social sciences/practices even education

To up standard practice.

Plan, act, observe, reflect.

Working with children to find out what they want to do, how they want to learn, what they want to create.

A stick has two ends - education: to control and conform, or to change and enhance.

Notes from session Tuesday March 31st

Ben Calder, ex- UWE MA mediascape -- working now with Hewlett-Packard, did a mediascape which draws your path

Remember me the mediascape flash only works with actionscript 7 or less

Fruit loops? Free audio software

Temporal -- through time rather than spatial -- through space

Talk to Constance and to Jackie.

From Dust and Magic -

p 27 “Multimedia is not necessarily a cybernetic art - you can blend sound, music, images etc. together and create “immersive” experiences very well indeed without a computer”

Possibility spaces - a phrase coined by Bob Hughes?

A quote from Jack Tramiel, who founded the Amiga company - and was also in Auschwitz

‘it is hard to believe that it really happened, but it can happen again. In America. Americans like to make rules, and that scares me. If you have too many rules you get locked in a system. It’s the system that says this one dies and that one doesn’t, not the people... that’s why we need more Commodores. We need more mavericks, just so the rules don’t take over.” P 41

Ted Nelson = ‘everything is deeply intertwingled” p 42

It is very difficult fo a big business to use new technologies well becuase new technologies tend to come from little companies that have no “track record” - but “track record” is what insecure big-business managers look for. Hence, the work tends to go to big, reassuring looking businesses that in fact know very little about the new technology.” Bob Hughes p 55

The armchair travel co - lots of still images knitted together into a tour

“Creativity is universal - but you’re most creative at what you do most” p 148

Robert Weisberg - Creativty - Beyond the Myth of Genius

A basic brief - who your audience is, what you are promising them, what you want to tell them about it, the ‘one great thing’ or ‘singleminded proposition’; the message that will make them sit up and go ‘Wow” What your constraints are p 156

It’s well known that neither telling people things nor showing them things is anywhere near as effective as letting them try things for themselves p 159

James Webb Young’s ‘technique for producing ideas’

chewing it over

These were thoughts on sound from Dust and Magic - that high quality sound effects the way in which multimedia is viewed - an experiment done by Brenda Laurel and.... two identical presentations involving images and sound, but one with a lower quality sound track - the images were identical, but people thought that the images on the presentation with the lower quality sound were also lower quality. Sound is a much deeper and more instinctive sense than sight - to alert one to the first signs of danger, from behind, at night, the part of the brain that can respond to sound

SaaS - software as a service aka cloud technology

Does interactive art belong in a gallery?

Play is fundamental to the computer experience - not hard work - needs to be fun. Interactive arts - needs to be based on how we play

The Labyrinth - a golden thread navigation system

Espeth v Aareth

cybertext - Perspectives on Ergodic Literature

Rogue Semiotics

Ludologists vs Narratologists in relation to games - the story emerging from the game (latter) of the story supporting the games playing (former)

William Gibsosn Pattern Recognition - inventor of a lot of the vernacular of the internet

story creating the boundaries - creating an athmosphere, a bit like teaching - not being didactic but setting the boundaries, facilitiating, about energy - energy that is created

Like a garden - sights, sounds and happenings

Film always has a third person observer - the camera is always the third person. With a mediascape who is the third person - being dragged in for the ether - the other - the omnipotent

this third person often does not exist in games play

Alan Moore - Voice of hte Fire

Alan Robert Grillet - jelousy

search for a flash fridge magnet game on line - or invent one

highlight all the rude words in a bit of text - ins tit utional - using find/change or the highlighter

Susan Sontag

online advent calendar

Sitting on a park bench people watching - web cams - the Flanure - like meditaiton - the journey or the ending

A group novel - A million Penguins - wiki authored novel - is facebook an interactive narrative?

Like throwing a party - get all the ingredients and set it all up, the timing, the place, the invitations, but then have little control over the outcome

Creating a structure

- like a but journey, letting the story unfold

Chris Webster - working with constructed time rather than with real time - mediascape a bit like a mixture of the two - some constructed time, but some elements in real time

Rybcowiski - room animation - in relation to mediascape, stating with one noise, and building up to a cacophany as you move around, and each sound builds up without ending - like clapping and sound games - would work well with the game idea - percussive games and voice games - have a look at the games book.

“Experimentation has replaced Interpretation” Gilles Deleuze

In need of a beginning, middle and end - the Fraytag triangle - a satisfactory payoff

Education will evolve - personalized distributed ((online) collaborative creative and engaging

people are gatherers - somewhere deep inside us is a gene that tells us to collect

always have an exit stratedgy

"There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish." -

  --  Warren G. Bennis

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."

  --  Scott Adams

"Imagine a school with children that can read or write, but with teachers who cannot, and you have a metaphor of the Information Age in which we live." -

  --  Peter Cochrane

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

  --  Albert Einstein

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."

  --  Mary Lou Cook

"Above all, we are coming to understand that the arts incarnate the creativity of a free people. When the creative impulse cannot flourish, when it cannot freely select its methods and objects, when it is deprived of spontaneity, then society severs the root of art."

  --  John Fitzgerald Kennedy

"The bad teacher imposes his ideas and his methods on his pupils, and such originality as they may have is lost in the second-rate art of imitation."

  --  Stephen Neill

The New Games Book - and the whole Earth Catalogue - direct link to San Francisco, the hippies, the anti war movement - leading into the silicon valley phoenomena

“Maria Montessori had been studying Italian children who were classified as feeble-minded. She managed to bring together a selection from all the schools in Rome, to see whether after all they were capable of more than other people thought. She managed to get them on her side by devising ways to make learning exciting and demanding. She found that then they pegged level in reading and writing tests with normal children. She pointed out to everyone that this id not mean that normal chilfren were no better than the feeble-minded. It was simply that traditional schooling was not fulfilling. It failed to make the most of what any of those children could offer, because it underrated their capacities to learn for themsleves. The Power in Our Hands, p82.83

"An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it." Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

Lecture by Seth Giddings on Digital and Gaming

25/11/2008 Lecture - Seth Giddings. Dept. of Culture, Media and Drama, UWE

New addition of New Media out on 8th December

Play research group

Paly and Culture
Computer and Media play
Play across virtual and actual space

Johann Huizinga (1872 - 45) Homo Ludens: a study of the paly element in culture, London: Beacon Press

“Play is a uniquely adaptive act, not subordinate to some other adaptive act, but with a special function of its own in human experience.”

Play - separate in time and space - like holidays or festival days - spaces for play, like the tennis court, football field, draughts board. And time-scale - we know the rules, football starts and ends at the whistle, we know the rules - tightly defined.

All those childhood games were we spent more time arguing about the rules that we did playing the game - You’re Dead! - No I’m Not - Yes You Are, I shot you right behind the garage - Charlie Brown...

Play is a universal human expereince, simulating adult life through play and imaginagion

play - it’s free, voluntary (not forced) not ordinary, secluded and limited, allows for ‘different times’
child imagines - but is aware that it is not ‘real’

a duality of the real and the virtual - find these quotes, very similar to the suspension of belief when watching plays - the mimetic space - the quote from A Midsummer Nights Dream, and other Shakespeare plays -

“If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber'd here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream... Puck

I don’t want to play games - I want to create, as ever, sello-tape and card.

Games pushed the limits of computer technology

Hacks playing games with computers - like flash games and physics engines, playing with the technology initially in a very playful way, to see what it will do - to push the boundaries. Often the first games that are created are very little played, but much cited. Think now of the huge explosion in very silly games for the iPhone, like iPint and iFart, and the musical instruments - silly but none the less pushing the boundaries.

Games were the beginning of real time interaction with computers

‘Edutainment’ Kids probably uncomfortable with this. When do we stop leaning? at 3.45? or because the toy is not ‘educational?’

xbox 360 - now music, downloading films, email, sms, facebook etc.


Monkeyball - gravity type game like pinball
Online fantasy games - everyday but separate from everyday, like soap opera, virtual, imaginative.

Snakes and Ladders - the Edwardian ‘moral’ board with soldier/bride/ladder drunk/prostitute/snake

Children just playing and enjoying.

Ethnographic research - children enjoying floor sized game - think of the projected labyrinth game at Zeum in SF

through this research Seth was showing that video game conventions were working their way into ordinary play.

Nintendo Wii - embodiment of play

Players learning from and adapting to the system (wii bowling example - which is nothing like real bowling physically)

Virtual gravity - thinking about film and CGI - the plane in the Bond film, climbing vertically, we still see Bond at the control, and then we see the plane, as if we were outside, to give context, going into a stall - same with shots of das boot - submarines through the gloom, with underwatery sort of sounds, or the boat in The Perfect Storm, seen from the minds eye - the imagination - but recreated by the computer.

Play linked to creativity - the sofa and the wheely chairs in the artroom. even the adults - transforming the chairs into go carts - playing racing games. Set up a stop frame animation.

IGL - interesting games lab - ‘Design and the Elastic Mind” Exhibition at the MOMA

I'm trying to tell you something about my life
maybe give me insight between black and white
and the best thing you've ever done for me
is to help me take my life less seriously
it's only life after all - Indigo Girls, Closer to Fine

Mediascape Conference, Belfast

1/12/2008 - Mscape Conferece, Belfast

Talk by Constance

Combinations of subjects - especially History

The power of sound - especially rich in history

The Titanic project in Belfast
- Research
Recording of Seagulls

The new beta includes sensors other than GPS - wifi, bluetooth - even a sensor that allows a device to know that another device is near.

Do interactive story as mediascape? based on database story idea - but the story is generated depending on where the pupils walk about - going into and out of regions - so the story has a physical beginning and end, but in between, develops depending on the route that you take - a bit like an interactive story, but the action is physical.

speakers - play files getting louder as you get towards them - these can obviously overlap

Draw someone’s attention to something - direct them with speakers - lead by the sound getting louder.

Will play .swf files - could use Crazytalk - students take photos that then speak

First image could show a map - as the first image - will also show where they are.

Invent story (phone story back in, or use voice recorder) depending on where they are - a tree enters your story,
a stone enters your story,
a stream enters your story,
a hill enters your story,
an old oak tree enters your story,

hit full stop after dragging script - gives other options. Can make hot spots on the screen to create alternate routes. Remembers where you are - create artwork - Richard Long type ‘art trail’ - a ‘viewer’ follows the art trail created by the artist using the gps - looking at the things that the artist has looked at.

Can create quizzes in flash or HTML - can log a path that people have taken (big brother)

5 e’s - explore

Mediascape and the Yeo Valley Farms education centre?
Futurelab create-a-scape website

Riot in Queens Square - getting the story depending on where you walk

Other sensors? heart rate monitor and pollution monitor

BBC mobile learning - Ghosts of Nendrum - finding ghost, listening to their story, then chosing the artifact that was connected with them - the quiz element.

Narizone and Skyhook - produce sensor that works with wifi - can tell where it is based on the wifi base stations relative strength

HTC - decent windows mobile devices - better than iPaq - but HP is also bringing out a new device in the near future.

will work on anything that is running windows mobile

Has built in 2D barcode reader as one of it’s sensors - useful for treasure hunt sort of things.

Microsoft story maker

Outside learning

Frustrations of using Mscape -

GPS drifts
difficulty of working indoors as well as out
ipaq not really designed for this - it is primarily a PDA
screen not very bright

J and Lowe - framework (HP Singapore)
Alan Beecham - Education Bradford - moonwalk based on the school field - two way radio added (or mobile phone) He used wireless sync to email photos and recordings - back to a server, so that they could be placed on a map, using a bit of (PC only) software called Synchroneyes (more big brother...)

How about creating a game of snakes and ladders on the playground - gridded depending on how many steps you take - with instructions... you just stepped in some dog poo, go back twenty paces - find fifty p in the grass - go forward 20 steps. would be a bit like what’s the time mister wolf - would be very easy to create... great idea for a game, and it’s mine!

Priory - Jackie Mason - see on youtube - priory school using youtube to get information across to students

Bluetooth transmitting devices? have a look at

QR codes - experimental release.

The guy from Copenhagen - involved in creating museum guides - email to see how he is getting on?

include an image of Queens Island - the enging of the industrial revolution - the birthplace of the Titanic - now being rebuilt as a creative and information centre - ditto with the centre of Sheffield, and Bristol docks - from site of the industrial might, to the heart of the knowledge based economy - in less than 100 years.

post secret - could be basis of an idea for @retexchange - building a site where children share stories and ideas - like the original postcard idea - but to create little stories - this could also link in with Sydney project.

Powerpoint as an interactive hypertext drawing programme...

‘’ only look for this

306 degree commission - convergent media - web, computer, camera, text

George Steiner - Grammas of Creation

geotagging with iphone

Download Dice for the iPhone...

experiment with Flickr gallery, Geotagging, and emailing direct to Flickr - set up Flickr account.

Anne Friedberg - the Virtual Window

Navizone - Skyhook - windows mobile devices

2d bar code reader sensors

Alex Fleetwood - Hide and Seek

Introduction to Developing Practice Module

17/2/2009 Developing Practice

The Sky Remains The Same - tried to take a niche market to a mass market - combining arg’s with geocaching and mscape - a project sponsored by HP. It failed to get a mass market... instead of pleasing all, it seemed to please few. The project was perhaps too ambitious.

Hazel Grain - Bristol based, very talented, resident at the pervasive media studio
Kate Modern - web series

Jo Reid - usability expert at HP (the lecture that I missed, which was on mscape, geocaching methodologies and iterative design) Paper for CHI (computer human interface) conference

Need to go back and look at this further - having missed the lecture.

Keeping a log of these sessions (this is it)

Research Frameworks - Methodology - a running journal of the seminars and the issues that come out of these - in relation to practical work. Methodology/preproduction/prototype/production - look at production methodologies for new media production

Book to look up - The Reflective Practioner - how professionals think in action - Donald A Schon

Doing and not thinking
Thinking on the doing
Reflection and Practice
Make a mark - and then know and argue why the mark was made
Technically supported studio work

Reflection - as important as the finished work

Tutorial, 24/2/2009

Look up Panopticon or maybe even Panopticon

ISEA - Ars Electronica - Transmedia three organisations for technology and the arts

research on seminars - addiciton - the nature of addiction and games

Duncan Speakman - sound artist who works in public places

to do with the experience of wearing headphones in the real world

objectification of experience

Putting on headphones and walking through physical environments - like my early morning walks - synchronistic

Sometimes guided walks - when you reach the tree, do this... power, like Simon Says - what are you thinking - do you lose sense of where you are? where are you? Time element.

Done with interviews - snippets of conversation, cut and paste - like James and Jamie’s piece.

Digital cut and paste with sound.

Narrative spoken from the first person

pervasive - you are in an environment - unlike online games that are immersive, this is semi-immersive

Layered experience, layered experience, like station piece - personal sound world

plug in and cut off

the sirens - leading sailors to crash on the rocks

Generative sound walk - a sound walk

Always Something Somewhere Else - try this in Sydney Gardens - very gentle, peaceful

Like ambient sound, or meditation

Never intended as an interactive piece

“invisible public art” - OK this it the tree - permanence of memory

Audio and smell, very deeply embedded

Sound and memories

Realtime audio processing

Headphones on tube - talking about the other people on the tube - but like mentally undressing them - telling you things about them - like the Simon song ‘America’

Work on the idea of stories behind the litter - who dropped this - getting into other peoples lives, other peoples experience

sharing a secret space - worked with two people

like some TV presenter getting info through earpiece

Sounds from above the ground

Taking a group out for an audio expereince

flimic sound effect

voyuerism - walking through memories - voiceover and narative

Recording the trains - or a steam train

The audience as performer - but keeping it secret, isolated

Marshall McLuhan - warm and chilly spaces - headphones - warm up your personal space, but cool down your social space

Songs in my head that match what I am thinking and feeling

Audio as performance

sell a ticket to experience life!

tarmac on road - just layed - after rain steam. add sound track

like Woody Allen - talking to camera, or brining in an artist

like gallery experience - paintings talking

acoustic ecology

what is a sound mark? How does sound effect us?

separation on the tube

At school the management have banned ipods

Sharing - ghetto blaster on shoulder

Beethoven and deafness

My morning walks - with or without headphones - dog and gun

Sounds that I can’t hear, but teenagers can

What maps onto a city?

process lead works/walks

Richard Long - guided by the drift of clouds - the direction of the wind

Emotional response

emotional landscape

Tintin and Yakety Axe

Logging where you have been - Nokia Vine

ambient sounds - not nice sounds

ghost effect of video - magritte - line up device with real landscape

Beatles using local sound in music - Pink Floyd

Messages on T shirts - also Magritte like - this is not a pipe

Audio Walks - getting around the brief glance of the gallery - gallery that has just a few labels

Hearing the sound of a pilot dying, the sailor drowning - over the radio - 4th July and Cruel Sea

Sound pipes - sound amplification - whispering gallery

Tin and String

having a conversation on a telephone

Framing a life expereince

Sound framed by headphones and recording

series of vignette, edges fade away - like an old photo

pieces in a public space

Public / private space

headphones that play a constant stream of abuse - Tourettephones - even just a button that says fuck off


sounds like thoughts in the head

the sound of fire - the New Zealand experience

burps and farts

The time based thing - giving it time, which means recommendation?

very author led

walking through the museum - steps of gravel, steps, swishing through water

not in the gallery, or a cinema, or theatre - out in the real world - the public spaces

street theatre


real time simulator

as a child I dragged a stick along a beach - a Richard Long

Meeting with the Education Staff, Holburne Museum

Meeting with Education Staff, Holburne Muesum, Bath

Cleo Witt, Emma Finch.

Suggestion for summer project with 15 - 17 year olds in need of mentoring - in danger of exclusion. Two organisations, Compass and Mentoring Plus

Young Roots - may provide a pot of money for this project

Base around a narrative in the gardens - what happens in the gardens, how are the gardens used?

Create a fairly straight mediascape - learn about what is possible - based on audio created and found by students.

mediascape to be unleashed on the public in August - hire or borrow ipaqs?

End up with a hoarding explaining the project - maybe a screen showing photographs

Using mobile phones - getting people to phone back in

Playing sounds back

Session of the practicalities of creating mediascape and flash mobile player for ipaq - over write the existing version of mscape with the beta

Look at David Smith’s mediascapes in Victoria Park

Region move to me - Jo Reid - solves the problem with region shift

look at the Experience Design Guidelines

- look at other mscapes - click on the mscape in the library and open in editor to see how it has been built - it is encouraged that new scapes be plagiarised from existing work

images/video - flash - flv. + swf in flash player 7 or earlier

install Adobe mobile flash player

image 320 x 240 @ 72 dpi

pictures with higher contrast work best - black and white works well

test on device central?

under the jumper for contrast

22khz sound samples - mp3 - 96kbs constant bit rate

could be better sound quality, but these settings are the HP recommended and will keep file size down.

Flash - needs to be kept simple

Map downloading service

or use a programme called ‘map aligner’ - keep map to 600 x 600 pixels

boundary walk to set points on map - so this in order (clockwise?)

conditions make a difference - a clear sky makes a difference

all done with right click of the mouse - needs a two button mouse

show map with pins - will show where things are

look at Teri Rueb mscape

Tutorial, 3/3/09

Digital / community arts

Education - my intervention as an educator

Joe Lambert - digital storytelling and life stories

Joe Lambert’s blog

liminal/liminality - Susan Broadhurst - the space between real and not

not just looking at the work, but at the pedology - my part in it, what I am doing, as a pedologist, an educator

lycanthropy - werewolfism

Bob Hughes - Dust or Magic - narrative or magic

audience response defines what the story teller is telling - the length and detail - so to an extent this is what interactive is - giving the audience the ability fo go into the narrative in as much detail as they want to

opening scene of steamed up window of car - in a car wash - end with the wipers

Swiss guy - you tube - spacial montage - Manovish - soft cinema

Seminar - Thought Den and Mobile Pie

Thought Den - Ben and Dan

Mobile Pie - Richard Wilson and Tom Dowding

Thought Den

bit of this and bit of that - website design and digital communication

Happy Packages - everyone has a phone - social networking is very popular - does this have commercial potential?

contextually relevant packages delivered to your phone or mobile device - sitting in a cafe and getting a story written by someone who had frequented the cafe, or a ilm delivered to a bust stop as you wait for a bus

based on SMS

happy fountains - trying to make you happy at a location, could be specific to the location - based on bluetooth

reconnect where you are with what you are getting

mobile vouchers - orange Wednesdays, as you are passing a cafe you get an SMS giving you a voucher for a free coffee

but bluetooth is flakey - bluetooth is an Anglicisation of King Harald of Norway and Denmark who united Scandinavian tribes

but like the iphone app - you subscribe to it, buy into it.

looking at social networking - subjective data

mapping social locations / connections

happy packages - based on iphone - mapping social locations - various types of content - fun, enjoyable

social network controlled stuff

Mobile Pie - Tom Bennett

coloursplash - phone app - and by the same company, juxtaposer

ifart - bringing in 10’s of 1000’s of £ a day
Apple take 30% cut, rest goes to developer

ocarina - utube video

games - compared to psp
calculator etc
GPS stuff
‘show of’ apps
impulse buys
the ipint - little toys - fortunes being made

apple controls what is up - no adult content - Google app store on the Android system - quality is a lot lower, no restrictions

pay $100 licence per year, Android is $25

The long tail in media - walled garden has a quality control

app stores have spread - ove (Nokia) Blackberry

will the operators go down?

future gazing - better organisation?

another app - Art

open source crowd really don’t like Apples control

Phones connected to projectors? digital ink newspapers?

android - fish droplets

rental system?
subscription service
premium service

radio programme on sleeve notes - new bands creating apps

Tom Bennett - works with Mobile Pie, creative historical based mscape content for the national trust etc.

phone gap - html wrapper code in java and html


Electronic Book Revies - on line

Ludologist - games theroy

Espeth AArdseth

narrative, games and new media

games in an educational setting - games in a serious context

paly games to understand others - expereince - playing driver/soldier

IEEE vs games ’09 serious games and virtual worlds march 23-24

second life

Adventure Rock - 8 types of players -

self stampers
social climbers
power users - know it all
life system builders

Sara Diamond one step forward

Electronic intifada - very biased view, east meets west

Joe Lambert - new website for digital story telling
Azur and Asmar - the princess Quest

Apple Mobile Event

Mobility in Ed
Gorden Shukwit - Director IT and Learning at Apple

Mike Mann - director Ed UK and Ireland - taken over from John Botham

Mobile - fits in your pocket
Portable - doesn’t fit in your pocket

once we see things in one way, it is very difficult to see them in another way - the child’s eye view, a fresh eye

Pasted Graphic

could work as row of houses for art project - see it or not see it - negative/positive

Pasted Graphic 1

everyone can become a publisher, so how is content verified

digital context - distant is not distance - can not control content

how to organise content - downloading loads of stuff

classify stuff that is downloaded - scott ohio

technology adoption cycle, Rubin Pentadera, Main

early childhood - mimic

substitution - technology acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional improvement

like word to paper - paper has inherent ease of use, we can hand out bits of paper

standard digital alternative - very easy to duplicate

substitute - take something in the real analogue world and take it into the digital realm - in industry, this is to identify function, and then automate

Individual learning plans - each person learns differently at their own pace and on different things

real and substitute for real - where was I seeing this? tennis racket? on poster

technology has a wow factor - when applied it becomes much more difficult

how do I augment the technology

what can I do that I could not do before

enthusiasm on the X axis, time on the Y and a line like a snake

Technology Adobption Life Cycle

substitution - tech acts as a direct tool substitute with no functional improvement
augmentation - tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement
modification - technology allows for significant task redesign
redefinition - tech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable

reading book

the biggest thing on the word processor was the spellcheck - dictionaries are everywhere

new ipod has screen reader voice over -

zoom in to focus on a particular bit of the screen

business productivity model -

monetary or revenue driven
cost reduction (productivity)
highly restrictive
software solutions are functional
network centric
total cost of ownership

learning model

knowledge creation and dissemination
creative exploration
collaborative, interactive and ad hoc
software solutions are expensive
user/student centric
total opportunity of ownership

productivity vs learning

schools have to deliver both - buy server space, memory, use servers for both uses

using screen sharing to see the process - see what students are doing - the working out - screen capture

mobile devices designed around the concept of Me - personal devices

mobile devices are beyond the cart full of laptops

the iphone is a personal device

A digital learning enviroment

Access Create Distribute

Laptop, desktop, network etc is Us - iphone is Me

enterprise programme for the iphone - create an app for the iphone - does not use itunes - send url and app can be downloaded to iphone and touch

look at this - how do we create apps for enterprise programme?

digital certificates

url is consistent - this is where it is at

updating apps - push

international schools may be very nomadic

certificates or identity - anyone can download the app, Apple will deliver for free, but only people with service/identity can use app

behaviour that it influenced by technology, but does not manage behaviour - lift example

acceptable use policy - how is this enforced?

cat and mouse - technologies that prevent people doing something - but they get around it

audit procedure, not filters - tech won’t work - young folk will work around it - so audit - watch - don’t play cat and mouse - audit is key

social behaviour - Colditz

don’t rely on computers being locked down

see if students can break into database

use behaviour and social network to ensure standardised and normalised environment

microsoft exchange activesync support

not laptops for every member of staff - iphones! iphone - built in VPN client
smtp - simple mail transport protocol

mobile devices in school - use over summer, then log in on first day to receive services

iphone configuration utility

bunch of touch’s in school - use device configuration to update all - use these to register etc - sims on ipod touch?

Bretford mobile cart - for charging and sync

Get everyone talking together
wiki app
but our school still bans ipods in school...


world wiki
mit mobile web
anatomy on the phone
iplayer for ipod
itunes u store - can set preference

K12 - find education providers - right click, double click to copy itunes store url

evaluation for distance learning and elearning - book by Valerie Rune and Bruno D Zumbo

the home access initiative

sandbox model - sandpit

icube/arduino - programmable robotics

Lesson with Year 9

Intro - what is Mediascape -

pervasive media - GPS + maps and events
creating scope
example - around school grounds -
folk waiting for French lesson
thoughts on bench

show slideshow - talk about Holburne - railway, canal, park, benches, trees

talk about feelings - identity, narrative and story, looking away, framing, window, selection

project on character and feeling, digital stories, emotive, pensive

two lessons in photoshop portraits - cut and paste

two lessons on mediascape around school - done on maps - create sound files and photos - different groups doing different recordings - downloading recordings

look at calendar and plan

two weeks in Bath? running up to half term

windows and journeys, two people in a photo

2nd session on the practicalities of Mscape

google maps - find map, 600 x 600 @ 72 dpi

plug in ipaq - ignore activesync
create map for ipaq - with activesync you can navigate the ipaq, drag and drop - make sure it is at the top of directory tree
maplib maker
open map aligner and load map - set gps
in open - not near trees - set points in logical order - stand still while points are adjusted
walk around the whole site - the more points the better. Copy to hard drive

need both jpeg map and MAD (map aligned data) - then create map.lib - in mscape maker import map

right button click on Audio etc. to bring in files - 96 kbs mpeg files pics 320 X 240 jpegs

save mediascape - key words for description

onloaded - add full stop and choose (show for example)

polygon reagion - make sure you exit

click on audio - onstarted - onfinish

hotspots on images


Read criteria! especially point 3 - prototyping and articulating, testing, suggesting alternatives

iteration (a procedure in which repetition of a sequence of operations yields results successively closer to a desired result)

Brainstorming session - write up today’s lesson, create lesson plans

identity - angst

Seminar on Games

Helen Kennedy - Play Research Group - UWE

“Ludaesthetic Pleasures and New Technologies”

comparison between games play and the musician playing Bach or Chopin

do you master the game - or does the game master you?

Seth Giddings

Terry Eagleton - The Ideology of the Aesthetic

Kinaesthesia - disconnection from bodies - like car driving

games players - often very static when they play

games palying and phenomenology - kinaesthetic experience - virtual and real

the erotic in game play

Patrick Crogan - wii mobile convergence

atheletisism - tapping into cyber sports, convergence, performance monitoring etc.

all the bits that you can plug the wii in to, like boards, steering wheel, crossbow

wii hits a bigger demographic - occupying the domestic space of the living room - unlike the console in the bedroom - has to be active, theatricalises the home - like twister

Johnny Chung-Lee wii hacks - instant whiteboards!

wii - becoming controller for car, becoming car - becoming embodyment, fly by wire - fly by wii

my body pressing the breaks and steering - steering with my body

Steiger - digital grammar - grammar of movement - how we talk with our bodies - like a conductor

Our first sense of touch and hearing - in the womb - our first sense is hearing - through life our primary sense is sight - but sight is brain based - not objective

the sense of smell is very evocative

Simon Games

Vimeo - social games, street games, mole games, wide games

Simon Evens and Simon

comfort in Union Square

Moosehunt - GPS phone sending the moose’s location to google maps - players then had to hunt the moose and ‘shoot’ it with a mobile phone camera, uploading the photo as proof - game played in Glouc, but mapped on Alaska

Engagement is very strong with certain groups of players. Anyone with a camera phone can play this.

Hunting the bowler hat - like tag game. Hat is equipped with a GPS device, uploaded to a website - twitter feed as well.

If you find the person wearing the hat - “excuse me I do believe you a have my hat” - take photo in hat and upload

electronic games based on hide and seek, info in hat, when you put the hat on the timer starts - the winner is the one who wears the hat longest

Panopticon - watching and being watched

hide and seek - but you can always be seen

Played in New York city

The word ‘cheat’ where did it come from?

facebook is a sort of game - people passing stuff back and forth

hitchhiking story telling

building a system where games can be played with a combination of twitter, sms, email, facebook, flickr etc.

Games - a bit like cruisewatch experience

In terms of Sydney Gardens - hide and seek game? teams?

peer to peer - not the tech, but person to person

120 - lose ability to know more that this - is this true?

no social cohesion above 500

people tend to trust peers rather than authority


very interesting that Phil and I might be producing the same product (mediascape) from the same files - so to compare and contrast

Patchwork quilt montage

filling the space - the audio experience

like walking through a jungle of memories at night - heightened senses

Imaginary museum project - T Jebbe Van Tijen

Chris Hales - Jinxed

interactive work, very creative, used to work at UWE

Judith - Jestural interface - voices from the blue nile

strangers to ourselves
nation without nationalism - books on national identity

Puppet Motel - CD rom

Go into the attic and lookg out photos of old school work - take up to school

Tim Ingold - walking and lines

Judith Aston


Beyond Text bid

looking to at the place between the written word and media - producing scholarly discourse

Making and unmaking - prodcuing

play and iteration - loss and preservation

online dynamic media

transmission of memory - written, photography, aural, performance etc.

New interfaces - new ways of presenting history - fits in really well with my Sydney Garden project, working with memory and with aural history

Fluid interfaces

fluid interfaces group - look on line

Jeff Han “Unveiling the genious of the multi-touch interface design’ - on Ted

and unveiling the ”sixth sense”

wearable tech - Patttie Maes and Pranav Mistry
Microsoft - ipod like but table size

portable data divice - ‘touchy feely’ interfaces


Digitally expanded film making

Lev Manovich - spatial montage

Judith’s website - like my ideas with mediscape - memoris that you can listen to, or skip over

teaching history through walk - student choice, fun, also creating the work

Interview with Simon Games

Wild Key GPS? - street/social games

use very simple technology to play games - record games and write up + images

SMS texts? need to keep an eye on cost

shout 60200 + Key - cost £50 a year - means 1 text can be sent to many phones - or from any phone to any phone - or from one phone to any phone

itaggcom - shared shout code

Or Skype? need to consider cost

or Twitter?

asset tracker - anti theft devices

geoblogging on iPhone

flickr - geoblogging or iPhone app?

dataphones - or vodaphone to twitter - borrow phones?

playing very simple game to start with - there may be something on Mscape that will work

or just use mobile technology

device might know when another device is near

- Like tag - but not actually touching

Seminar - A Few Problems with Pervasive Games

Dan Dixon - A Few Problems with Pervasive Games

Dan - worked for BBC and with communities and social networks - on line slide show - great software for zooming in and out

the magic circle - outside life, fixed rules, no gain - as with football, clear beginning and end and clear structure

Kate Salen and Eric Zimmerman - Rules of Play

Huzinga - Homoludens

creates social groups

Definition of pervasive games

Markus Montola - “Exploring the edge of the magic circle

ARG’s like ‘The AI Game” or ‘I Love Bees”

The Magic Circle of games
working with folk who are playing, and those who are not - passers by

Jane McGonigal - Ubicomp games

‘research prototypes that advance the scientific agenda of ubiquitous computer research through game design”

Pervasive games

“Performance based interventions that use game imagery to disrupt normative conventions of public and private technologies”

Ubiquitous Computing

‘Commercial entertainment projects that replicate interactive affordances of video and computer games in real worlds”

For Sydney Garden - click on image and get enlargment -get chains of hot spots

I Love Bees - seeded on the internet, based through telephones / payphones throughout the states

Halo 2 back story - financed by Mircrosoft

‘Can you see me now?’ Balst Theroy

Momemntum Prosopopeia

Pervasive live action role play

250 million games consuls - 100 million games in this year alone - millions of people playing games on iPhone, xbox etc.

But very few people playing pervasive games

Semiotics - semantics - syntactics - pragmatics

Representation - signs, context, signified, interpretation

Games have representation

Narratology vs Ludology

Clear semiotics - clear structure, especially with elements of replay

Pervasive games tent to be ambiguous

pervasive games sitting in area of games as art - with happenings as a root

Harold Garfinkle - social breaches

breaking societies rules - physical breaches, breaks in the temporal and physical

breaking out of the social order - or indeed, in relation to Sydney Gardens, using games to create social coheasion

Wearing hats in school - and the pedology of the sofa

Teacher not understanding group walking around school

experience designer

television - watching a film through because it is on, not finding the time to actually watch a film.

Futurelab conference

thoughts on the train - lot of what I am doing is based on futurelab research - get quotes - relaxed learning, inside out learning, push technology - pull learning, or draw learning - start with this quote

What are they learning? mixed community, evenings, weekends, out of school - all the things that I believe in, the hidden curriculum

Project is only a trial - taking me out of my comfort zone — working with PC based kit and challenged youngsters

seeing how it feels for other teachers, working with technology that they are not used to, pushing the boundaries — leaping into the void

Mostly having fun

A pen that records what you write and turns it into text?

Beyond Current Horizons

What is futures work?

possible — probable — preferable

futures-not predictions

lots of institutions looking at futures — government, MOD, business, CIA - but education does not really feature

“I want more interactive interactive whiteboards’ — depressing quote taken when asking about futures in schools

Technological determination — the future = new technologies

tech doesn’t fall from the sky — we shape it

In education — the media is changing, but is the content?

Is employment the primary purpose of education? Or exam success? Statistics? League tables? How do we measure individual or institutional success?

creative, socially comfortable, fit for the world, flourishing

fun... someone who can collaborate, listen, read, find things out, have an awareness of network

We need futures for education


“It is a matter of great fascination to me that Western industrial cultures have been obsessed with
building the future through the development and application of ever-more powerful technologies
yet, on the whole, they have missed the human and cultural significance of the futures. Hence, they
continue to stagger myopically along without the many powerful insights available through
disciplined futures studies.” taken from the above, 30/5/059

“ The rhetoric of education...

need to look at the 100th monkey — the scientific name for this?

using brain waves like a joy stick — to control, a little phone vibrators built into clothes and attached to sensors, useful for the blind?

notions of “knowledge economy” inappropriate (lander)

importance of understanding community (Riley, Nash, Holt) - wish website - wishes for the future - nice looking website, but also great for research - can be used in schools to develop debate - maybe good for IB? - a tool for long term planning and strategy

Not to predict particular gadgets, but to look for general tendencies that will be likely to inform and shape context

inforamation landscape - data - deeper, denser, more diverce

‘Know more stuff about more stuff”

gather , store, use, share more data about more of our world than at present

what will happen as the digital natives grow up?

adult/child relationships changing

over 50% of the population will be over 50 by 2030

healthy old / unhealthy old

information not tied to institution - blurring line between work and leisure

working life may be longer

public / private roles merging

thrust towards mobile and locative based - geography/location becoming more rather than less important - where you are - what opportunities you have may depend more on where you are

recognising how we work with machine intellegence - statistical information - ‘if you like this you will also like...”

machines taking over human stuff - but not in the robotic sence

new ‘intelligent’ search engine wolfram

socio/technological scenario “networks change the nature of knowledge”

individual no longer sovereign

from individual to collective

role of social networks amplified
pervasive technologies cognitive enhancement distributed intelligence

social -

networks will become more important in filtering and managing data

end of industrialised model of the ‘educational institution’

home education ‘3rd party’ learning exchanges

open access to material

blurring of education/professional/personal

demographic - getting older

intergenerational and lifelong learning - work/play

Is the knowledge community a true picture?

polarisation and inequalities

global competition for knowledge elite

recognition for informal workers - roles? caring?

Richard Sandford and Mary Ulicsak


Tim Rudd

Children are listened to and then ignored...

BCH research

learning spaces for the future?

research and development - create-a-scape


publications - what if

The pedagogy of the hat and the sofa

the teacher who mistook his cane for a snake - hat for a cake

vision mapper tool - learning spaces cards - school power league

pre engagement / visioning workshops

The bit of glass I lent against the beans to prevent them from wind damage blew down and shattered at 2.00am I woke, could not sleep, got up at 3.00 to work

that bit of glass was from a 1970’s school language lab - lots of money on infrastructure - just how much use didi it get?

how do you know how to get to the pupil question why do I have to know this?

transmission mode

design for now - or for the future?

risk averse system - dead poets society syndrome?

if we work to the metrics we design to them too

the structuring effects of structure

protection of professional identities, specialism and practice

systematic transformation

model new practices through co - design approaches


Frank Locker

Transforming Learning Spaces: Thinking Beyond the Classroom

real issues have to do with social dynamic of school, not technology

engaged critical thinkng, creative, collaborative, active and applies relevant out of school sharing resources personalised constructivist make learning visible

constructing - not filling

Teacher is guide, teachers collaborate and work in teams, learning is cooperative, relevant, problem based / project based with authentic evaluation

learning is a social experience - building relationships, small schools small learning communities within big schools - the magic of 150 - 150 is about the biggest group that we can cope with

met school, providence, RI

entire curriculum wrapped around the individual interests of the students

only work in school three days a week

very successful model

tinkering becomes thinkering becomes thinking

QR? room - science at one end and arts at the other - a lot of learning just has to do with doing stuff

If you want an innovative school - start a new one!

maine learning research

all project based with teachers cooperating - based on interests of the pupils

pupils just at work - engaged - no need to police - pupils want to be there

problems - materials, clear up - rest of school

gallery spaces as teaching spaces

teachers working in teams - know the students better, know the parents better - talk about the students, rather than the subject

The hope index - how a child feels about themselves

Minnesota New County School

taking students out - what are we worried about? maths teacher sending them back in

critical skills programme

coalition of e-central schools

puritanical measurement system - afraid to think outside the box

model is primary school type model

everyone is an expert on school - because everyone went to school

will schools in lower socio - economic settings be more alternative than in the higher - parents in the higher bracket were successful in school themselves

the ‘better’ might be the creative, dyslexic, troubled - like monkton

relationships - embraced and comfortable - tight shoes and uniform as opposed to sandals and tee shirt

Frogsong - example of communal living


Beyond Current Horizons

Carey Jewitt and Nick Lee

tech, knowledge, creativity and communication

london knowledge lab - exploring the future of learning with digital technologies

multinational companies - companies that follow the sun - projects that can only come about through collaboration

haptic technologies

childhhood - bio-politicsand human futures - Gaia’s revenge v De Grey - live for 1000 years

mosquito device - music on tubes - turned on it’s head with mosquito ring tone - alerts students to texts in class without teacher being able to hear

the symbolic power of the titanic - heading towards the 100th anniversary

gravitational pull of the distopia

ready to learn - like a meerkat

also dependent on the time of the day and the time of the week - and the weather

a child still has to ask me if the can pee, or take a drink, and use my formal title... so they can get out of the classroom - is this success?

natural light in the room - instant no brainer - improves learning (french rooms?)

adults wiggle every hour
teenagers wiggle every half hour
children wiggle every five minutes

grouping students by age eases broadcasting

magic of grouping students of different ages empowers peer to peer learning

freeze frame technique - have pupils enact a scene - students have to say what person was feeling and thinking at the time

peer to peer leaning - you learn best when you are teaching

what was your most powerful learning experience? - often not in school, often the risks were high


you can handle more students on a per teacher basis if you co teach/group teach

8 different intelligence’s - Dr Howard Gardener

Linguistic intelligence ("word smart"):
Logical-mathematical intelligence ("number/reasoning smart")
Spatial intelligence ("picture smart")
Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence ("body smart")
Musical intelligence ("music smart")
Interpersonal intelligence ("people smart")
Intrapersonal intelligence ("self smart")
Naturalist intelligence ("nature smart")

we teach to tests - within a ruberic - the Branston pickle...


default to the industrial model - the devil that we know - Ben and the art room example - fearful of what?

learning emotional things - learning physical things

a chill out zone

co-design with pedogogists and children

people who stroll about on the phone

a memory about making a sailing boat from an old violin case, and sailing it on the White Stone Pond

Silver Project - Bridgeman Art Library focus group

Silver: Semantic Interactive Learning Visualisation Environment Research

focus group two

user generated content - BAL content

look at Animish - look at art@sidcot - downloading fonts

voiceovers? do this on mouseover?

mouseover to display video - click for full screen

like the tooltip / mouseover

don’t really like the breadcrumbtrail

could the drag and drop be random rather than grid - might give a scale from good to bad

+ a rank order

with the exploring - I think I would add a mouseover on the hotspot and a click close rather than a X

textured backgrounds? mataphor - paper, photo, album

quite like colour

look at kid popular interfaces - must not look like languages / history text book.. bad association - youtube/bebo much better association

not keen on gold buttons

like the building sorter, a bit like futurelab, spacing of lettering and font

like the separation - lib on one side - like side bar in website - use colour for this separation

make comment box bigger? don’t like the blue - ‘done’ button bottom right? keep in same place on every screen

like the tagging - magic

output? assessment?

- these are the buildings you choose - these are your comments - capture the journey? add your comment to the photo?

controlled assessment task?

over laps - venn diagram

links - spider diagram

visualisations with data

have the environmentalist/entreprenure/communityworker etc. real interviews - people who have done the exercise - real people - with their real reasons

dragging about - the tactile nature of the interface

working in pairs - or in group - data from whole group

quizz - strongly agree/disagree slider

zooms - 3Dishness rather than flat/page based

actually rank - put stuff in order of importance

‘wishes for the future’


‘hive mind’

uploading photos - chosing best photos - upload three of the best, tag as to why

students wanting to take photos and upload - audio too - ipod app - we shall fight on the beeches