Much of the reading that I have been doing for this project is from the web, either .pdf documentation, website or blog.
I have included a breadcrumb trail of the websites that I have been using, almost in chronological order, which in itself shows the development of the project, and my research in relation to it.

Over the course of this project I have also attended various conferences, and arrange the meetings listed. Notes from these are included in the notes section of the site.


Mscape conference, December 2008
Bett Exhibition, January 2009
Apple conference on Mobile Technology, March 2009
Futurelab conference, May 2009
Silver Group Meeting 1, February 2009
Silver Group Meeting 2, May 2009
Easter Lecture (oral history) April 2009
Old Scholars Gathering, April 2009


Emma Agusita, Knowle West Media Centre
Carolyn Hussan, Knowle West Media Centre
Constance Fleuriot, Pervasive Media Studio
Simongames, Pervasive Media Studio
Michael Loader, foolswork
Mobilepie, Pervasive Media Studio
Holburne Museum Staff - more or less weekly in February and March
Holburne Museum with Mentoring + and Compass, May 2009
Tom Bennett, Spike Island, April 2009

Suited and Booted - meeting to be arranged

art/effects - part of the Bath fringe festival

Gerhart Richter at the national portrait gallery
Picasso at the National Gallery
Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East as the Saatchi gallery