Seminar - Thought Den and Mobile Pie

Seminar by Thoughtden and Mobile Pie
Thought Den - Ben and Dan

Mobile Pie - Richard Wilson and Tom Dowding

Thought Den

bit of this and bit of that - website design and digital communication

Happy Packages - everyone has a phone - social networking is very popular - does this have commercial potential?

contextually relevant packages delivered to your phone or mobile device - sitting in a cafe and getting a story written by someone who had frequented the cafe, or a ilm delivered to a bust stop as you wait for a bus

based on SMS

happy fountains - trying to make you happy at a location, could be specific to the location - based on bluetooth

reconnect where you are with what you are getting

mobile vouchers - orange Wednesdays, as you are passing a cafe you get an SMS giving you a voucher for a free coffee

but bluetooth is flakey - bluetooth is an Anglicisation of King Harald of Norway and Denmark who united Scandinavian tribes

but like the iphone app - you subscribe to it, buy into it.

looking at social networking - subjective data

mapping social locations / connections

happy packages - based on iphone - mapping social locations - various types of content - fun, enjoyable

social network controlled stuff

Mobile Pie - Tom Bennett

coloursplash - phone app - and by the same company, juxtaposer

ifart - bringing in 10’s of 1000’s of £ a day
Apple take 30% cut, rest goes to developer

ocarina - utube video

games - compared to psp
calculator etc
GPS stuff
‘show of’ apps
impulse buys
the ipint - little toys - fortunes being made

apple controls what is up - no adult content - Google app store on the Android system - quality is a lot lower, no restrictions

pay $100 licence per year, Android is $25

The long tail in media - walled garden has a quality control

app stores have spread - ove (Nokia) Blackberry

will the operators go down?

future gazing - better organisation?

another app - Art

open source crowd really don’t like Apples control

Phones connected to projectors? digital ink newspapers?

android - fish droplets

rental system?
subscription service
premium service

radio programme on sleeve notes - new bands creating apps

Tom Bennett - works with Mobile Pie, creative historical based mscape content for the national trust etc.

phone gap - html wrapper code in java and html