Seminar - A Few Problems with Pervasive Games

seminar with Dan Dixon - A Few Problems with Pervasive Games
Dan Dixon - A Few Problems with Pervasive Games

Dan - worked for BBC and with communities and social networks - on line slide show - great software for zooming in and out

the magic circle - outside life, fixed rules, no gain - as with football, clear beginning and end and clear structure

Kate Salen and Eric Zimmerman - Rules of Play

Huzinga - Homoludens

creates social groups

Definition of pervasive games

Markus Montola - “Exploring the edge of the magic circle

ARG’s like ‘The AI Game” or ‘I Love Bees”

The Magic Circle of games
working with folk who are playing, and those who are not - passers by

Jane McGonigal - Ubicomp games

‘research prototypes that advance the scientific agenda of ubiquitous computer research through game design”

Pervasive games

“Performance based interventions that use game imagery to disrupt normative conventions of public and private technologies”

Ubiquitous Computing

‘Commercial entertainment projects that replicate interactive affordances of video and computer games in real worlds”

For Sydney Garden - click on image and get enlargment -get chains of hot spots

I Love Bees - seeded on the internet, based through telephones / payphones throughout the states

Halo 2 back story - financed by Mircrosoft

‘Can you see me now?’ Balst Theroy

Momemntum Prosopopeia

Pervasive live action role play

250 million games consuls - 100 million games in this year alone - millions of people playing games on iPhone, xbox etc.

But very few people playing pervasive games

Semiotics - semantics - syntactics - pragmatics

Representation - signs, context, signified, interpretation

Games have representation

Narratology vs Ludology

Clear semiotics - clear structure, especially with elements of replay

Pervasive games tent to be ambiguous

pervasive games sitting in area of games as art - with happenings as a root

Harold Garfinkle - social breaches

breaking societies rules - physical breaches, breaks in the temporal and physical

breaking out of the social order - or indeed, in relation to Sydney Gardens, using games to create social coheasion

Wearing hats in school - and the pedology of the sofa

Teacher not understanding group walking around school

experience designer

television - watching a film through because it is on, not finding the time to actually watch a film.