Seminar on Games

Seminar on Games - Helen Kennedy - Play Research Group - UWE
Helen Kennedy - Play Research Group - UWE

“Ludaesthetic Pleasures and New Technologies”

comparison between games play and the musician playing Bach or Chopin

do you master the game - or does the game master you?

Seth Giddings

Terry Eagleton - The Ideology of the Aesthetic

Kinaesthesia - disconnection from bodies - like car driving

games players - often very static when they play

games palying and phenomenology - kinaesthetic experience - virtual and real

the erotic in game play

Patrick Crogan - wii mobile convergence

atheletisism - tapping into cyber sports, convergence, performance monitoring etc.

all the bits that you can plug the wii in to, like boards, steering wheel, crossbow

wii hits a bigger demographic - occupying the domestic space of the living room - unlike the console in the bedroom - has to be active, theatricalises the home - like twister

Johnny Chung-Lee wii hacks - instant whiteboards!

wii - becoming controller for car, becoming car - becoming embodyment, fly by wire - fly by wii

my body pressing the breaks and steering - steering with my body

Steiger - digital grammar - grammar of movement - how we talk with our bodies - like a conductor

Our first sense of touch and hearing - in the womb - our first sense is hearing - through life our primary sense is sight - but sight is brain based - not objective

the sense of smell is very evocative