Tutorial, 3/3/09

Digital story telling, liminality, spacial montage, Joe Lambert and Susan Broadhurst
Digital / community arts

Education - my intervention as an educator

Joe Lambert - digital storytelling and life stories

Joe Lambert’s blog

liminal/liminality - Susan Broadhurst - the space between real and not

not just looking at the work, but at the pedology - my part in it, what I am doing, as a pedologist, an educator

lycanthropy - werewolfism

Bob Hughes - Dust or Magic - narrative or magic

audience response defines what the story teller is telling - the length and detail - so to an extent this is what interactive is - giving the audience the ability fo go into the narrative in as much detail as they want to

opening scene of steamed up window of car - in a car wash - end with the wipers

Swiss guy - you tube - spacial montage - Manovish - soft cinema