Judith Aston

Lecture by Judith Aston based on her ‘Voices from the Blue Nile’ - ‘Spatial Montage and Anthropological Discourse’

Beyond Text bid

looking to at the place between the written word and media - producing scholarly discourse

Making and unmaking - producing

play and iteration - loss and preservation

online dynamic media

transmission of memory - written, photography, aural, performance etc.

New interfaces - new ways of presenting history - fits in really well with my Sydney Garden project, working with memory and with aural history

Fluid interfaces

fluid interfaces group - look on line

Jeff Han “Unveiling the genious of the multi-touch interface design’ - on Ted

and unveiling the ”sixth sense”

wearable tech - Patttie Maes and Pranav Mistry
Microsoft - ipod like but table size

portable data divice - ‘touchy feely’ interfaces


Digitally expanded film making

Lev Manovich - spatial montage

Judith’s website - like my ideas with mediscape - memoris that you can listen to, or skip over

teaching history through walk - student choice, fun, also creating the work