Interview with Simon Games

Interview with the two Simons from Simons Games - even more instructive than their seminar
Wild Key GPS? - street/social games

use very simple technology to play games - record games and write up + images

SMS texts? need to keep an eye on cost

shout 60200 + Key - cost £50 a year - means 1 text can be sent to many phones - or from any phone to any phone - or from one phone to any phone

itaggcom - shared shout code

Or Skype? need to consider cost

or Twitter?

asset tracker - anti theft devices

geoblogging on iPhone

flickr - geoblogging or iPhone app?

dataphones - or vodaphone to twitter - borrow phones?

playing very simple game to start with - there may be something on Mscape that will work

or just use mobile technology

device might know when another device is near

- Like tag - but not actually touching