Apple Mobile Event

Apple hosted event on the use of mobile technology in Education - at the Apple Centre off Oxford Street, 12th March 2009
Mobility in Ed
Gorden Shukwit - Director IT and Learning at Apple

Mike Mann - director Ed UK and Ireland - taken over from John Botham

Mobile - fits in your pocket
Portable - doesn’t fit in your pocket

once we see things in one way, it is very difficult to see them in another way - the child’s eye view, a fresh eye

Pasted Graphic

could work as row of houses for art project - see it or not see it - negative/positive

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everyone can become a publisher, so how is content verified

digital context - distant is not distance - can not control content

how to organise content - downloading loads of stuff

classify stuff that is downloaded - scott ohio

technology adoption cycle, Rubin Pentadera, Main

early childhood - mimic

substitution - technology acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional improvement

like word to paper - paper has inherent ease of use, we can hand out bits of paper

standard digital alternative - very easy to duplicate

substitute - take something in the real analogue world and take it into the digital realm - in industry, this is to identify function, and then automate

Individual learning plans - each person learns differently at their own pace and on different things

real and substitute for real - where was I seeing this? tennis racket? on poster

technology has a wow factor - when applied it becomes much more difficult

how do I augment the technology

what can I do that I could not do before

enthusiasm on the X axis, time on the Y and a line like a snake

Technology Adobption Life Cycle

substitution - tech acts as a direct tool substitute with no functional improvement
augmentation - tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement
modification - technology allows for significant task redesign
redefinition - tech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable

reading book

the biggest thing on the word processor was the spellcheck - dictionaries are everywhere

new ipod has screen reader voice over -

zoom in to focus on a particular bit of the screen

business productivity model -

monetary or revenue driven
cost reduction (productivity)
highly restrictive
software solutions are functional
network centric
total cost of ownership

learning model

knowledge creation and dissemination
creative exploration
collaborative, interactive and ad hoc
software solutions are expensive
user/student centric
total opportunity of ownership

productivity vs learning

schools have to deliver both - buy server space, memory, use servers for both uses

using screen sharing to see the process - see what students are doing - the working out - screen capture

mobile devices designed around the concept of Me - personal devices

mobile devices are beyond the cart full of laptops

the iphone is a personal device

A digital learning enviroment

Access Create Distribute

Laptop, desktop, network etc is Us - iphone is Me

enterprise programme for the iphone - create an app for the iphone - does not use itunes - send url and app can be downloaded to iphone and touch

look at this - how do we create apps for enterprise programme?

digital certificates

url is consistent - this is where it is at

updating apps - push

international schools may be very nomadic

certificates or identity - anyone can download the app, Apple will deliver for free, but only people with service/identity can use app

behaviour that it influenced by technology, but does not manage behaviour - lift example

acceptable use policy - how is this enforced?

cat and mouse - technologies that prevent people doing something - but they get around it

audit procedure, not filters - tech won’t work - young folk will work around it - so audit - watch - don’t play cat and mouse - audit is key

social behaviour - Colditz

don’t rely on computers being locked down

see if students can break into database

use behaviour and social network to ensure standardised and normalised environment

microsoft exchange activesync support

not laptops for every member of staff - iphones! iphone - built in VPN client
smtp - simple mail transport protocol

mobile devices in school - use over summer, then log in on first day to receive services

iphone configuration utility

bunch of touch’s in school - use device configuration to update all - use these to register etc - sims on ipod touch?

Bretford mobile cart - for charging and sync

Get everyone talking together
wiki app
but our school still bans ipods in school...


world wiki
mit mobile web
anatomy on the phone
iplayer for ipod
itunes u store - can set preference

K12 - find education providers - right click, double click to copy itunes store url

evaluation for distance learning and elearning - book by Valerie Rune and Bruno D Zumbo

the home access initiative

sandbox model - sandpit

icube/arduino - programmable robotics