Silver Focus Group - Bridgeman Art Lirary

notes taken during the second Silver Group meeting - concentrating on a review of the prototype of web based activities on the theme of sustainability
Silver: Semantic Interactive Learning Visualisation Environment Research

focus group two

user generated content - BAL content

look at Animish - look at art@sidcot - downloading fonts

voiceovers? do this on mouseover?

mouseover to display video - click for full screen

like the tooltip / mouseover

don’t really like the breadcrumbtrail

could the drag and drop be random rather than grid - might give a scale from good to bad

+ a rank order

with the exploring - I think I would add a mouseover on the hotspot and a click close rather than a X

textured backgrounds? mataphor - paper, photo, album

quite like colour

look at kid popular interfaces - must not look like languages / history text book.. bad association - youtube/bebo much better association

not keen on gold buttons

like the building sorter, a bit like futurelab, spacing of lettering and font

like the separation - lib on one side - like side bar in website - use colour for this separation

make comment box bigger? don’t like the blue - ‘done’ button bottom right? keep in same place on every screen

like the tagging - magic

output? assessment?

- these are the buildings you choose - these are your comments - capture the journey? add your comment to the photo?

controlled assessment task?

over laps - venn diagram

links - spider diagram

visualisations with data

have the environmentalist/entreprenure/communityworker etc. real interviews - people who have done the exercise - real people - with their real reasons

dragging about - the tactile nature of the interface

working in pairs - or in group - data from whole group

quizz - strongly agree/disagree slider

zooms - 3Dishness rather than flat/page based

actually rank - put stuff in order of importance

‘wishes for the future’


‘hive mind’

uploading photos - chosing best photos - upload three of the best, tag as to why

students wanting to take photos and upload - audio too - ipod app - we shall fight on the beeches