Introduction to Developing Practice Module

The first seminar on Developing Practice, much of this is practical
17/2/2009 Developing Practice

The Sky Remains The Same - tried to take a niche market to a mass market - combining arg’s with geocaching and mscape - a project sponsored by HP. It failed to get a mass market... instead of pleasing all, it seemed to please few. The project was perhaps too ambitious.

Hazel Grain - Bristol based, very talented, resident at the pervasive media studio
Kate Modern - web series

Jo Reid - usability expert at HP (the lecture that I missed, which was on mscape, geocaching methodologies and iterative design) Paper for CHI (computer human interface) conference

Need to go back and look at this further - having missed the lecture.

Keeping a log of these sessions (this is it)

Research Frameworks - Methodology - a running journal of the seminars and the issues that come out of these - in relation to practical work. Methodology/preproduction/prototype/production - look at production methodologies for new media production

Book to look up - The Reflective Practioner - how professionals think in action - Donald A Schon

Doing and not thinking
Thinking on the doing
Reflection and Practice
Make a mark - and then know and argue why the mark was made
Technically supported studio work

Reflection - as important as the finished work