Simon Games

Meeting with Simon Games - very instructive and practical
Vimeo - social games, street games, mole games, wide games

Simon Evens and Simon

comfort in Union Square

Moosehunt - GPS phone sending the moose’s location to google maps - players then had to hunt the moose and ‘shoot’ it with a mobile phone camera, uploading the photo as proof - game played in Glouc, but mapped on Alaska

Engagement is very strong with certain groups of players. Anyone with a camera phone can play this.

Hunting the bowler hat - like tag game. Hat is equipped with a GPS device, uploaded to a website - twitter feed as well.

If you find the person wearing the hat - “excuse me I do believe you a have my hat” - take photo in hat and upload

electronic games based on hide and seek, info in hat, when you put the hat on the timer starts - the winner is the one who wears the hat longest

Panopticon - watching and being watched

hide and seek - but you can always be seen

Played in New York city

The word ‘cheat’ where did it come from?

facebook is a sort of game - people passing stuff back and forth

hitchhiking story telling

building a system where games can be played with a combination of twitter, sms, email, facebook, flickr etc.

Games - a bit like cruisewatch experience

In terms of Sydney Gardens - hide and seek game? teams?

peer to peer - not the tech, but person to person

120 - lose ability to know more that this - is this true?

no social cohesion above 500

people tend to trust peers rather than authority