Session of the practicalities of creating mediascape

First session with David Smith on practical and technical aspects of Mscape creation and flash mobile player for ipaq - over write the existing version of mscape with the beta

Look at David Smith’s mediascapes in Victoria Park

Region move to me - Jo Reid - solves the problem with region shift

look at the Experience Design Guidelines

- look at other mscapes - click on the mscape in the library and open in editor to see how it has been built - it is encouraged that new scapes be plagiarised from existing work

images/video - flash - flv. + swf in flash player 7 or earlier

install Adobe mobile flash player

image 320 x 240 @ 72 dpi

pictures with higher contrast work best - black and white works well

test on device central?

under the jumper for contrast

22khz sound samples - mp3 - 96kbs constant bit rate

could be better sound quality, but these settings are the HP recommended and will keep file size down.

Flash - needs to be kept simple

Map downloading service

or use a programme called ‘map aligner’ - keep map to 600 x 600 pixels

boundary walk to set points on map - so this in order (clockwise?)

conditions make a difference - a clear sky makes a difference

all done with right click of the mouse - needs a two button mouse

show map with pins - will show where things are

look at Teri Rueb mscape