Tutorial, 24/2/2009

This was a seminar session - but turns into more of a stream of consciousness, almost poetic
Look up Panopticon or maybe even Panopticon

ISEA - Ars Electronica - Transmedia three organisations for technology and the arts

research on seminars - addiciton - the nature of addiction and games

Duncan Speakman - sound artist who works in public places

to do with the experience of wearing headphones in the real world

objectification of experience

Putting on headphones and walking through physical environments - like my early morning walks - synchronistic

Sometimes guided walks - when you reach the tree, do this... power, like Simon Says - what are you thinking - do you lose sense of where you are? where are you? Time element.

Done with interviews - snippets of conversation, cut and paste - like James and Jamie’s piece.

Digital cut and paste with sound.

Narrative spoken from the first person

pervasive - you are in an environment - unlike online games that are immersive, this is semi-immersive

Layered experience, layered experience, like station piece - personal sound world

plug in and cut off

the sirens - leading sailors to crash on the rocks

Generative sound walk - a sound walk

Always Something Somewhere Else - try this in Sydney Gardens - very gentle, peaceful

Like ambient sound, or meditation

Never intended as an interactive piece

“invisible public art” - OK this it the tree - permanence of memory

Audio and smell, very deeply embedded

Sound and memories

Realtime audio processing

Headphones on tube - talking about the other people on the tube - but like mentally undressing them - telling you things about them - like the Simon song ‘America’

Work on the idea of stories behind the litter - who dropped this - getting into other peoples lives, other peoples experience

sharing a secret space - worked with two people

like some TV presenter getting info through earpiece

Sounds from above the ground

Taking a group out for an audio expereince

flimic sound effect

voyuerism - walking through memories - voiceover and narative

Recording the trains - or a steam train

The audience as performer - but keeping it secret, isolated

Marshall McLuhan - warm and chilly spaces - headphones - warm up your personal space, but cool down your social space

Songs in my head that match what I am thinking and feeling

Audio as performance

sell a ticket to experience life!

tarmac on road - just layed - after rain steam. add sound track

like Woody Allen - talking to camera, or brining in an artist

like gallery experience - paintings talking

acoustic ecology

what is a sound mark? How does sound effect us?

separation on the tube

At school the management have banned ipods

Sharing - ghetto blaster on shoulder

Beethoven and deafness

My morning walks - with or without headphones - dog and gun

Sounds that I can’t hear, but teenagers can

What maps onto a city?

process lead works/walks

Richard Long - guided by the drift of clouds - the direction of the wind

Emotional response

emotional landscape

Tintin and Yakety Axe

Logging where you have been - Nokia Vine

ambient sounds - not nice sounds

ghost effect of video - magritte - line up device with real landscape

Beatles using local sound in music - Pink Floyd

Messages on T shirts - also Magritte like - this is not a pipe

Audio Walks - getting around the brief glance of the gallery - gallery that has just a few labels

Hearing the sound of a pilot dying, the sailor drowning - over the radio - 4th July and Cruel Sea

Sound pipes - sound amplification - whispering gallery

Tin and String

having a conversation on a telephone

Framing a life expereince

Sound framed by headphones and recording

series of vignette, edges fade away - like an old photo

pieces in a public space

Public / private space

headphones that play a constant stream of abuse - Tourettephones - even just a button that says fuck off


sounds like thoughts in the head

the sound of fire - the New Zealand experience

burps and farts

The time based thing - giving it time, which means recommendation?

very author led

walking through the museum - steps of gravel, steps, swishing through water

not in the gallery, or a cinema, or theatre - out in the real world - the public spaces

street theatre


real time simulator

as a child I dragged a stick along a beach - a Richard Long