Meeting with the Education Staff, Holburne Museum

This was the very first meeting that I had with the Education staff at the Holburne Museum - just mapping out ideas for the project, and getting information on the different agencies involved. Many of the ideas have been developed in my walking blog.
Meeting with Education Staff, Holburne Muesum, Bath

Cleo Witt, Emma Finch.

Suggestion for summer project with 15 - 17 year olds in need of mentoring - in danger of exclusion. Two organisations, Compass and Mentoring Plus

Young Roots - may provide a pot of money for this project

Base around a narrative in the gardens - what happens in the gardens, how are the gardens used?

Create a fairly straight mediascape - learn about what is possible - based on audio created and found by students.

mediascape to be unleashed on the public in August - hire or borrow ipaqs?

End up with a hoarding explaining the project - maybe a screen showing photographs

Using mobile phones - getting people to phone back in

Playing sounds back