The Holburne Museum, Bath

Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol

Mediascape website

Create-a-scape - Mediascape resource websitecreated by Futurelab specifically to introduce Mediascape to schools


Knowle West Media Centre


Silver Education - silver = Semantic Interactive Learning Visualisation Environment Research

Bridgeman Art Library

Capture Wales - digital story telling

Voices from the Blue Nile - spatial montage and anthropological research

Puente - European project on Intergenerational Learning

Fluffy Logic - digital media and development studio - involved in the creation of Mediascapes and the Create-a-scape website

Simon Games - create games using SMS, GPS, Twitter, etc. Keen on producing pervasive games using simple tools

Stephen Heppell’s Blog - Professor Stephen Heppell was involved with Ultralab, and now works from Bournemouth University and has the Chair in New Media Environments,

Suited and Booted - a digital production company that work with young people, were involved in the Blueboard Project along with the Knowle West Media Centre

The three charity organisations with whom I shall be working in May and August - organisations that work with young people who are excluded from school, or deemed to be at risk

a ‘safe moderated platform for teachers and students to view and share media’ sponsored by Apple and inspired by the European year o Creativity and Innovation

access art - resource website for art and design teachers

Four websites that specialise in royalty free sound effects and music. Freesound being based on the Creative Commons, Soundsnap is by subscription and Partners in Ryhme is just such a great name

The Arts Council, ArtsMark and Creative Partnerships - the latter was instrumental in the blueboard project

English National Youth Arts Network

“engage promotes access to, enjoyment and understanding of the visual arts through gallery education”

blog on the ‘next killer app for education’

“Learning, Working & Playing in the Digital Age” a talk given in 1999 by John Seely Brown, director of PARC

“School 'doesn't prepare pupils for work'” 2005 article in the Guardian Education section

“footprint of an ed tech company out to change the world”

all about twittering

Berkley white paper on cloud technology

“AccessArt is a charity committed to furthering the advancement of education in the visual arts. “

Geotagging with the iPhone and Flickr

Creating simple soundbooths for school - using cardboard and foam.

Information about Creative Commons

Create video online

Looks very similar to scrapblog - although perhaps a bit more pushy - but has the advantage of the possibility of sighing up as a whole class, so could be worth some experimentation

memory scapes based in London

Teri Rueb

soundscape artist - has worked with mediascape - “Wandering is the condition of contemporary art”. - Jonathan Bordo

Duncan Speakman

sound artist working from the Pervasive Media studios in Bristol, has produced several wonderful mediascapes

acoustic ecology

a website dedicated to sound and soundscapes

Nokia Vine

software that traces journeys using GPS enabled devices
"Nokia viNe is a marketing campaign that brings together the GPS, camera and media player on your Nseries device and lets you leave photos, videos and songs, rooted in the ground, for others to find".

centre for digital story telling

body space and technology journal

Tjebbe van Tijen - very interesting website and very interesting projects

Facebookish - social networking

Johnny Chung-Lee

hacks with wii - created simple interactive whiteboard using wii

Markus Montola

nokia researcher into mobile phone use, games, and pervasive games

website of Jane McGonigal, lots of writings about digital/ervasive games

“critique of best (magic) and the worst (dust) children's interactive design in the past year, along with presentations on current research and the most current thinking on the children's interactive media space”.
this was the link given to my by Ben Hayman, who is working on the Silver project

Site dedicated to Lomography “We are a global community whose strong passion is creative and experimental analogue film photography. Lomography is about being in the moment, capturing it with your favourite Lomographic tool – producing effects like light leaks, vignette framing and deep saturated colours!”

site maintained by one of the original ‘new gamer’s’

site dedicated to Photomarathon

information about the photomarathon project in Bristol

Social Media Co Lab

Howard Rheingold site about wiki’s and social media - Found through a twitter link -

Article on using Twitter in the classroom

just that

Copyright guidelines for schools

just that too

Frank Locker - speaker at futurelab conference, very interesting talk on leaning spaces

What is mobile 2.0?


Monkton Wyld



Education Otherwise

experimental educational organisations

the Nielson Norman group

Storyspace is a hypertext writing environment that is especially well suited to large, complex, and challenging hypertexts. Storyspace focuses on the process of writing, making it easy and pleasant to link, revise, and reorganize”.

wish website - wishes for the future - nice looking website, but also great for research

can be used in schools to develop debate - maybe good for IB? - a tool for long term planning and strategy - skyhook - location by wireless transmission - built into the card that fits into the camera - can upload pictures automatically...

Futurelab research

“transforming education one pupil at a time”

Maine ‘learning with laptops’ studies

innovative school in Minnesota

london knowledge lab

exploring the future of learning with digital technologies

tiny url - compress web addresses so as to more easily sent circulate with twitter

Cathy Schrock’s Guide For Educators

“Teenagers are speaking up once again—stating that, in technology, school is a big downgrade from what they experience, and expect, in the rest of their lives”.

A site of royalty free photographs of ground - just that...

Bob Hughes

Blog on Google Wave