Make a list of sounds - speak these into a mic - have them as part of the media scape

a description of what you see - spoken into the mic - as a basic walk around the park

a list of things to photograph - green, blue, brown, round spikey, sharp, soft, hard

clipboards left on the benches - with pens, for people to write thoughts and memories - maybe seeded with an idea - this can then be dictated

post cards of secrets put around the park - with a place of a response

disposable cameras left about the park - take a photo and return - a bit like trapping

a list of ways to photograph - up down close far through

record people talking about their photographs

areas around the park of laughter, argument, random thoughts, other noises farts, balls, frisbee

an area that all goes into echoes

multiple sound tracks building up

Cleo’s talk over the top

From day one -

Idea from the students for a treasure trail, aimed at visitors to the park.

Perhaps aimed at children - with instructions like - start from here - see if you can find - what can you hear - how long has this been here - imagine when this tree was a sapling - when this tree was a sapling this was happening. The hammering as the navvies lay the rails, the swish of a bustle on a swing, the giggling accompanying Georgian cavorting.

Take photographs of things in the park - 10 perhaps. Your mission is to find all these things - notices perhaps - by the old toilets. Working towards cracking a code? getting information?

of take photos of you in the place - take a photo on your phone to prove that you have found it.

Lots of technical challenges.

The following are notes made by Charlotte, from Lissa and Mike:

sirens blazing
‘Tree with nobble’
‘Pansies Laughing’ - mothers meeting
‘Gentlemans toilet’ - ‘You never see them all of them have been destroyed - there’s underground ones in London’
‘Water Fountain’ - ‘Beetle juice’ - raining beetles
‘The Green’
‘Holburne Gate’
‘Oak Tree’ - the arguing oaktree - ‘what is it?, it’s an oak tree, ‘no it’s not, yeah it is - look at the leaves’ - rant rant...

‘Bins’ - animals burrowing / searching
‘Railway Bridge’ ‘the place for a fight’ - looking down at a dead girl with a pigeon circling - ‘Another train Lissa, quick! come back you bugger - ‘looks quite good in motion’

‘I think it’s moss innit?’ ‘playing with the modes’ - ‘Ghost vampires on train / come out every full moon only dogs can see the train!’
‘Old building in park - ‘look it’s got an attic! built 1909 in memory of...
‘Looks like blood on there - under the spikes’
‘Looks like a rainbow’
‘ Elms - craft carving in stone, 1880, 1879 (under bridge) ‘that looks like someone scratched the hell out of it’
Mikes life - ‘the gardening man’ - ‘sometimes tells us off when we park but that’s ok

Notes from Axl

Day 1

Beetle (green matalic)

rail way track was designed by izimbard kingdom brunel he also designed the box tunnel and the 1/2 penny bridge in the town center

Ten Things about Sydney (get the double meaning - 10 things about / about)

10 things you could find in the Sydney gardens - photos - the carved graffitti - with some thoughts about each one

10 things you could do - climb a tree, read a poem, play frisbee, sing, argue, shout, laugh, think

10 things others do in the park - kissing on the grass, teaching your daughter how to ride a bike, taking drugs, sleeping on a bench

10 things to know about the park - 10 things that these trees have seen

10 animals that see the park as theirs

10 wishes for yourself

10 secrets about yourself

10 wishes for the future

10 regrets

10 questions to ask a passer by

10 questions to ask a park keeper

10 questions to ask a museum curator

10 questions to ask a policeman

10 things about canals?

10 things about the railway?

10 things about pleasure gardens - the internet chat room of the 18th century - the railway -Brunel’s viewing platform, the labyrinth, the icehouse, the swings, the toilets, the design, the canal, the gardener, the temple.

Please write down for us, a hope that you have (we are a group of children doing a project in the gardens)

We hope everyone in the world will have someone to hug them

I hope that humans will take care of this beautiful world. To protect nature and not let greed overcome kindness.

Please write down for us, something that you do in this park (we are a group of children doing a project in the gardens)

used as a shortcut to collecting my children from school (but a very pleasant shortcut)

Play Tennis

Sleep at night in the temple - keep warm

walk around



sit and think

get drunk, enjoy the whisky, then a nice kip


chatting with friends




eating blueberries! : )

play in the sand and go on the seasaw

mackeing sand castles

eating iscream’s! macking sandcastles

strock dog’s !

We play tennis from Will and Luke

Please write down for us, a secret about yourself (we are a group of children doing a project in the gardens)

We are visitors from a town that is ‘opposite’ to Southampton. We found some very tiny fairies in the bushes (they like to wave at trains) only children can see them - look hard near the tunnel... we took a photo to show you where to look

My secret has to stay a secret! It would no longer be a secret of I told you! Good luck

I am visiting from Seattle, WA, USE - you have a great city, My walk around town has been quite nice - glad it is today compared to rainy yesterday. It’s fun to pretend that I live here, but everyone knows my secret once I start to talk with my accent! what a fun project