MA - Interactive Arts

Module UA1AAW-30-M

I have chosen to create the journal for this module completely online - this in itself is a part of the research that I am doing; finding methods for creating simple, effective 'drag and drop' blogs, journals, sketchbooks, diaries and galleries. As more of my students work in the digital realm I need to become familiar with ways in which they can present their work, and I can assess it.

The journal is organised by assignment, with additional material such as galleries, notes and collectings.

Over the period of this unit I have experimented with a blog/diary, walking on a regular basis to the summit of a nearby hill, recording my thoughts via mobile phone, and leaving myself answer machine messages that I have later transcribed and added to the journal.

My own evaluation of this process can be found via the index/site map along with a feed-back form so that visitors can let me know their experience of navigating this site.

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