Prepare a 10 minute presentation in which you identify shifts in your practice since starting your MA programme, and indicate the methods used by the practitioners whose work has been of influence to you. You should use the reading pack given to you at the start of the module and notes you have made from teaching sessions to help you identify types of research methods and how these have been applied by your chosen practitioners.

Your background research and final presentation should be recorded in your critical journal.

Flash Presentation

This is a reconstruction of the talk that I gave for the first assignment. I have put it together with a plugin for Flash called 'Flipping Book'. It is on quite a small scale to minimize download time (300X800) so it looks best if the browser window is small too.

The presentation itself is the ongoing slide show of student work that I use for seminars and workshops such as for Bett and Adobe. Since the ending of this module I have updated my presentation -

Year to Date

This is an article that I wrote in March for 'Start' a primary school teachers art and desigen magazine.

Biography for Bett

In way of a brief introduction, this is a brief abstract and biography that I wrote for the talk that I gave at the Bett show this January.

Thoughts to expand on perhaps -

Who am I - what is it that I do - what is my practice?

My own art work

My school work

My work with digital

The MA and research methods