Make a proposal for the future development of your practice in which you identify the following:

Key themes and interests – the nature of your practice

An articulation of the domain in which you are working with reference to selected practitioners

Proposed strategies for the development of the work

Key texts/artworks/artefacts for further study


You will be required to give a presentation of your proposal to your tutorial group. The presentation and associated research should be recorded in your critical journal for handing in for assessment, and should include relevant quotations, footnotes and an accurately referenced bibliography.

I had thought to present this assignment as I have the previous - as a slideshow in tutorial, then recreated in flash for web presentation. But it has become clear to me that I should do the presentation off the top of my head - based on the whole of this journal, the way that I have created it and the methods that I have been experimenting with, that are all a part of the final assignment. So I shall demonstrate the journal and talk about the projects below, using live internet links as visual content rather than a pre prepared slide show.

In thinking about the nature of Assignment 5, the nature of my practise is firmly back with what I am as a teacher of art, an exponent of digital media. In the light of several of the lectures that I have attended, in particular that of Paul Gough that centred on bidding for funding, and Barbara Hawkins' lecture on action research, I have chosen to explore some of the projects that I am currently working on in relation to digital media and the teaching of art.

"In its simplest form Action Research is a simple small-scale intervention in an situation bounded solely by the evaluation and reflective practice of the practitioner- researcher for their own personal development Described another way action research is a process whereby a conscious decision is taken to actively intervene in a situation in order to effect a desired improvement." (taken from Barbara Hawkins' seminar notes as published on myuwe)

In my case the active intervention is to make a collection or list of the projects that I am currently working on, and thus to some extent scrutinise my practise in the light of the experience that I have gained over the course of this module.

bTween bid 'Exploding Narrative' - bid for funding for pervasive media project

Holburne Museum - Photography and Pervasive Media bid based on a relationship that I am building with the Holburne museum in Bath

Time Capsule - A project that I have been running over the past few weeks with key stage three students

Business Card - The importance of self publicity, networking, and carrying a business card

Becta Bid - A bid for funding for a collaborative project (unsuccessful) that I was involved with in February, along with two other local schools.

Creative Arts at Sidcot School - Promotional site for Sidcot Schools new Performing and Creative Arts block

Art@Sidcot - New Sidcot art department web site in development

Roehampton - A day workshop of animation for primary PGCE students, hosted by Roehampton University

Gateshead - A day workshop of animation and Photoshop for art teachers in the North East hosted by Gateshead City Learning Centre

Adobe- talk in San Francisco - An outline of the seminar that I shall be giving in San Francisco this July at the Adobe Education Leaders conference

Adobe - case study - flash gallery of examplar material - self publicity

Bett - abstract - Proposal and abstract for a seminar at Bett 2009

RTC bid - Outline proposal to offer the new performing arts block as an Apple Regional Training Centre

IB and new GCSE's - Examinations in relation to digital media and our new arts centre

Big screens and roving exhibition - publicity

Bibliography - books/sites/films etc. to look at over the summer

Bibliography - Books, websites and films that I have looked at over the course of this module

Other Plans - Getting more of my own work together for the new build