Assignments -

Assignment 1 - flash reconstruction of presentation - Year to Date (article for a teaching magazine) - Bett presentation.

Assignment 2 - Criteria - List of Artists

Assignment 3 - flash reconstruction of presentation

Assignment 4 - review of a school visit to the Royal Academy and Tate Modern

Assignment 5 - various on-going projects

Diary - twice weekly I have walked the dog, recording my thoughts as I have walked to the top of the hill

Bibliography - collection of books / films / sites & blogs that I have read / watched / browsed this term

Lecture/Seminar Notes - facsimile of my current sketch book

To Do - collectings

Books to look at - Quotes - Thoughts & Ideas - Websites to visit

Galleries of my own art work

Objet trouvé - Life Drawing - Museum - Degree Show

Experimentation with gallery creation

Inserting an image gallery - Life Class - Digital Life Drawing

Evaluation - of the site, the blog, and the module

Feedback Form - please leave me comments on your experience of the site