Project Evaluation
there was a young beautiful girl who was locked up by her evil step mum.while she was locked up her hair grew long and then she had a prince to come save her.there was no rope so they used her long hair. she then through over her hair and the prince climbed up to come see her .then he took her away from the house and led her too his kingdom and they lived happily ever after!

Snow white and rose-red

She had 2 kids and loved them
They regularly go to the woods
a bear comes to her house and got cosy
he went
he came back
he has to protect his treasure
something goes wrong and she grows old and has many happy years with her kids

Little Red Riding Hood

A girl was loved by everyone but her grandmother spoilt her,she gave her little red cap which suited her so she wouldnt wear anything else,her mother told her to go see her grandmother who lives in the woods.she met a wolf and had a polite conversation,they arrived and went in to the house,they had a con-versation and the wolf appeared in the bed and tried to eat red hat.the wolf finished eating and A hunter entered the hut,he shot in the wolfs head,in the other way of the story ending t by grandma shutting the door and tempting the wolf to drown to his death!

The Frog Princess

the youngest daugther was the most beautiful. when ever it was hot she ran in to the forest to a serert fountin. one time her ball fell into the pound and she screamed a frog came out and carmed her down. then the frog said it will get the ball if you let me live with you and be my friend the prince promised to. when the prince got her ball she ran off and left the frog at the pond. the next day the frog came and nocked on the door then the prince shut the door and she told the king what happend a the fontain. the king made her ceep her promes so she feed the frog and had sleep with it then she attacked the frog forseed him to be quiete . as the frog fell it chanched into a hamson soon the frog and the princess got married and live happy ever after.

Red Rose and the Bear Prince

an old widow and her children lived in a cottage the 2 girls where called red rose and rose white these 2 children where the sweetest things and in the winter they all sat by the fire with a new born lamb.
suddenly there was a knock at the door and the widow said to rose red "red dear hurry and open the door for the poor thing" and so red went to the door and opened it expecting to see a poor traveler but instead she beheld a huge bear and it stuck it's huge head in and said "do not be alarmed poor maiden i am half frozen and would like to warm myself by your fire" and the mother hearing the kind bear's voice said "come bear and sit by our fire" and so the bear came in and lay down, the 2 children after loosing there fear played on and with the bear and so the family became good friends with the bear and from then on he cam to there house when it snowed he came to there house but one day a week before spring the bear said " i would leave you because the dwarfs will soon leave the soil and steel my treasure and so he left years later the 2 women when walking in the woods found a dwarf and on several occasions saved him from death but one day a bear killed the dwarf but they found out that there friend had been a prince an he married red rose and later red white married his brother

Snow White

A queen had a baby daughter who was as white as snow, so she called her Snow white, but then she died. The king remarried but the new Queen was evil, vain and jealous. She had a magic mirror to tell her that she was the most beautiful person in the world. Snow white grew older and more beautiful. when the queen asked her magic mirror again Snow White was now the fairest in the land. The queen was outraged and sent for her servant to take snow white to the woods and kill her! but when he got to the woods he couldn't bring himself to kill such a beautiful girl. as it got darker snow white got scared and found a little cottage to rest her head for the night. as she was sleeping seven little dwarfs appeared at her side. in the morning the queen found out that her servant had lied to her. the queen had a plan to kill snow white.she poisoned an apple and turned into a sweet old lady and gave her the apple. snow White was dead!!! the only thing that would bring her back was true loves kiss. the prince arrived kissed snow white and lived happily ever after.



once apon a time there was a poor ,lonley girl called cinderella!she had to work all day every day ,being forced by her evil step mum.she really wants to go to a ball but she had no dress to wear so her fairy godmother came to grant her wish.A handsome man was there who had to kiss her at 12 a clock or she would turn back to her old selve again. she dint kiss him at 12 but left her slipper at the ball. Fountly the prince found the slipper and retured it to cinderella and they lived happily ever after! XxxX

Once upon a time there was a girl called ella. She was perfectly happy until her mum died and her dad remarried to an evil lying woman, with 2 equally horrid daughters. When her dad was away on business, Ella was made to do all the work and was always covered in Cinders and was therefore nicknamed Cinderella.

One day an important invitation came through the door for the ladies of the household to go to a royal ball. Her step sisters stole her invitation and her stepmother ordered her to clean every room in the big house.
That night as Cinderella wept in the garden a woman appeared who resembled her mother ever so much right down to her shoes.
Her Mother looked at the weeping cinderella and asked her why she cried. Cinderella told her mother her step sisters were being selfish bitches and treated her like dirt as well as doing mean things. Her mother took pity and waved her wand to transform Ella's ragged clothes to a beautiful dress and glass heels, her pumpkin

Cinderella arrived at the ball and wj