Project Evaluation
Many thanks for experimenting with 'the story teller's apprentice'. Please let me know what you think - how you got on with it, what could be better, any suggestions welcome, criticisms too, I am happy for you to be really honest. email your responses back to me

I think that the programme didn't explain to us very well for what we had to do! The face should be yours (Mr Wallis) and your voice, because I hated the voice. It should save itself every time you change the page, because it deletes it if you change the page without saving it! At the end it should have bigger boxes, so the writing can fit in!

I feel the program works near perfectly but had a few saving flaws. Other than that the printout page needs editable size boxes to suit the amount of text. The lesson could be better if we had more licences as 5 wasn't sufficient as we had people bored writing. The voice strings together too much, the face should be your own and recorded so as it doesn't string together.

I thought this programme was okay. I didn't really enjoy it because I found it not really to do with art more to do with English. I found the talking man funny, but may need a clearer voice.

I think the lesson was quite good but when you submit it doesn't always save. I think it was quite good that the man told you what to do. I think that the website could also be good by you making pictures to go with your story. The man was a little bit hard to understand as he didn't speak clearly. I think you could choose a man or woman explaining you what to do.

I think it was really fun but the voice was annoying. They should have people like on the Tom Tom for the voiceover, and clearer. I didn't like it. They should give bigger paragraphs at the end. It should be Internet accessible so you can share your work.

The programme is really good apart from the man he needs to be better looking and needs a different voice. Also instead of helpful information you can put pages that you wrote so you check on them more easily.

The lesson is very good but I don't understand it very well because his voice is a bit hard to hear. The man is a bit scary because his eyes move around. It would be better if the voice and the head were different.