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This will become the site for my mobile Apple Regional Training Centre

links to follow which are the flick pilf flick project that I am presenting alongside staff from the University of the West of England - this is a project based around the creation of flipbooks. Briefly, having come up with the idea last year, and with UWE keen to explore the possibility. Through Peter Lord, we invited 12 Aardman animators to create a 30 page flipbook - the results of which were displayed in an exhibition at UWE, to an invited audience of teachers, of Tuesday October 5

We will now run a series of 10 workshops, in which teachers will create physical and virtual flipbooks, using traditional and digital media.

Teachers will then hopefully take this back into school, and we shall run a competition for students - making a selection of the best efforts towards the end of the academic year, and putting on a second exhibition of the winning flipbooks.

This exhibition will then tour to Denmark, and each participating school will receive an addition of all the flipbooks

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Aardman founder Peter Lord’s animation (morph)

(see the other 11 Aardman artists under the ‘artists’ tab)

Some places to get flipbooks -