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The Exquisite Corpse
Using CC images students create digital montages using image processing apps on computer and/or ipad
The project is based on a digital version of a game similar to the Surrealistʼs ʻexquisitecorpseʼ, aka consequences.
Each player will get a given amount of time in which to create a montage, telling the beginning of a story, both visually and in text. At the end of this time the students will swop files, (randomly) and work on each otherʼs images, adding, altering, amending, and furthering the story, adding both to the image and to the text.
This game can continue for several rounds of 'image pingpongʼ with versions being saved along the way.
Students can be introduced to this project through a brief presentation of works by various surrealist artists such as Renee Magritte, Giorgio De Chirico, Salvador Dalí and Man Ray.
Students should be made aware of the issues surrounding copyright.
An extension to this project could be to explore the concept of endless landscape, aʻblindʼ version of the game that is nearer to the game of consequences, or an animated version where the process of creation can be reproduced temporally.
other ideas might include:
-  using scanners and digital cameras to create and add content to images, self portraits, textures, and effects.
- Interesting things could be scanned, to be added to the montages
- Lines of the story could be randomly culled from on line versions of famous works; Shakespeare, Milton etc.