Adobe Flash and Action script would be the best technical solution to my proposal. With my current technical skills however, this solution would be beyond me. My compromise is to include elements of Flash interactivity into the project.

I was particularly pleased by the final outcome of the ‘Bob and Bobita’ project, where the animation is ‘scrubbed’ and the story scrolls in response to the movement of the mouse.

I am also very excited by the new ‘bones’ capabilities of Flash CS4, with the possibility of combining this with the dragging and dropping puppets onto a stage, choosing backgrounds and props, and then capturing the resulting image as an illustration to paste back into ‘The Storyteller’s Apprentice’.
If this could be made to work, it could also be used for creating on line animation. Both are currently beyond the scope of my technical skills and the time that I have. They would be proposals in themselves.
I was inspired by online Flash based drawing applications and other games of this sort such as ‘Mr Picasso Head’. Interestingly, I was in contact with the programmer of ‘Mr Picasso Head’, who is currently contemplating the possibility of an animated version.

The page turning device is an experiment in online presentation, for either the teaching resource that I create, or for digital story books that are the end result of the work created by students.

Zoetrope experiment is another possibility for moving and interactive illustrations, again either as a part of the students project work, or as elements to illustrate the teaching resources that I put on line.