17th May

gaming and the pedagogy of the hats and sofa - having fun, creativity and teamwork, ways of drawing the drawing out, drawing out the drawing, the nature of digital media - giving young people a sense of power, using a physical map to represent the media scape in the Syndey Gardens. Photosync, tagging, and story telling, the sharing of memory and the collective unconscious. Culture.
Sunday, 17 May thinking about gaming thinking about the pedagogy of or should I say pedagogy of the hats, the art room and the hats and sofas games playing having fun creativity coming out of having fun thinking about the radio programme that I heard on Google their philosophy that their workers of sofas and games rooms and working in small teams and that the team should be having fun there is a section in Bob Hughes about small teams he relates it to successful sailing team’s or climbing teams mountaineering and then hats, when Cathy first came and I started buying silly hats so that our students could come into the art room put on a silly hat as they came into the art room only if they wish to of course and changed their personality or persona be something different when they came into that space so it’s a little bit like games space creating the art space differently to allow people to relax and then the creativity to come out of it similarly with the sofas and pedagogy of the sofas in the art room allowing students to get laptops sit down maybe do a bit of facebook or pretty difficult for ordinary teachers don’t smile at them otherwise you have lost it the sort of Victorian ideal of teaching almost completely reversed with the idea that you draw the students out of themselves very gradually and you try and give them, it comes out of their feelings of self-esteem and self-worth drawing the drawing out of them and it is particularly relevant I feel the creative process in art because art being a very visual medium means that you constantly seeing what you are doing in relation to other people and one of the beauties of the digital technology I think that the younger ones you can immediately get some pretty stunning results despite possible problems with hand eye coordination and that your skill of it it will give you results on which you can very quickly build. and older ones can possibly be producing professional work. but it is also the team work thing where you were part of a team and more than the sum of the parts so the work that can come out can be a real team effort particularly with the filmmaking animation that sort of thing

and then thinking about the lesson on Tuesday starting with an actual physical map a little bit worried about copyright because although I have got an aerial view of Sidcot I haven’t got an aerial view of Sydney Gardens so I’ll be relying on printing out a big Google map but the idea of working on a big Google map and doing the media scape physically with collage I really like what I would really like is to build the media scape into that map so you can do it either online or in the physical place so you could explore a map of somewhere that you are going on holiday to example or a new school or anything like that it is very much the idea of Google maps and Flickr I suppose that it is adding others experience into it and that whole area of Flickr and photo sync Google maps tagging that is becoming what it is but you could overlay a surrealistic layer or a narrative story fantasy like Alice in Wonderland dreamworld mixing the real and the virtual mixing the real and the surreal and the unreal you can be there that you don’t need to be and when you are there you can add a virtual layer on top of the tour guides other people’s experience other people’s photographs other people’s memories other peoples experiences it is that blurring of the line between what is real and what essentially becomes other people’s memories so it is a sharing of memory memory becomes a commodity that can be shared in the way I guess it always was and that culture is a sharing of collective memory storytelling conjures up images so it is very much back to storytelling I was thinking of the maps and in relation to telling a story the map of the woods with stories being journeys and building up pictures of the journey particularly something like Hansel and Gretel in the woods or Little red Riding Hood classic tales to be redone in digital media but great to to retell a story in a physical form as you are walking through an area I love the idea of photo stream connected to a touchscreen so that you can walk your way through it with your fingers but that you have a choice as to where you go I suppose that is very much like games and gaming my experience of gaming is a little bit more hazy because I don’t that is basically what it is

Jung and the collective unconscious, the 100th monkey - what was the technical term for this? The mediascape in San Jose - a Halloween walk