Duncan Speakman

24th May

Practicalities, clipboards, disposable cameras and happenings in the partk,. Bridgeman Art Library and copyright. Longer term plans, work for next year perhaps. More thoughts on games. and then on to thoughts about this journal - thoughts on the nature of Space - and having fun as a philosophy - playing.Click here for full transcription

2nd March

Duncan Speakman's 'Always Something Somewhere Else' - This in relation to the mediascapes that I plan to attempt with my students - The Mole Game, games playing and fun - In relation to the Syndey Gardens mediascape project - Getting into ideas about personal experience and story telling, interviews and thoughts, and how music and sound effects might fit inClick here for full transcription

28th February

On the technicalities of blogging again - Second life and virtual reality - The Sydney Gardens project at the Holburne Museum in Bath - The presentation of work to date - a slideshow produced for the Holburne Education staff - Further thoughts on Duncan Speakman's seminar and the nature of headphone wearing, leading into some thoughts on telling personal stories - real or imaginary - Further thoughts on the nature of time and space - in relation to film, mediascape - the temporal as opposed to spatialClick here for full transcription

27th February

A response to Duncan Speakman’s seminar - The wearing of headphones and the nature of Virtual spaceClick here for full transcription