Story telling

13th May

Thoughts on the Sydney Gardens project, history, weaving a tapestry, creating patchwork quilts and digital stories - The landscape metaphor, Bob Hughes again - Thinking about storytelling - an idea to include a talk from Cleo Whit about the history of Sydney GardensClick here for full transcription

28th April

The Twitter feed and photo caption competition on the art@sidcot website, the nature of mediascape in relation to the recordings that students are able to make, digital story telling and Sidcot Old Scholars memories, the nature of creativity, and a bit of organisational detail.Click here for full transcription

11th March

The Apple seminar on Mobile Technology, exhibitions - Tom's Bennett's mediascape in Bristol Docks - More diary/housekeeping on the Sydney Garden's mediascape and digital story tellingClick here for full transcription

2nd March

Duncan Speakman's 'Always Something Somewhere Else' - This in relation to the mediascapes that I plan to attempt with my students - The Mole Game, games playing and fun - In relation to the Syndey Gardens mediascape project - Getting into ideas about personal experience and story telling, interviews and thoughts, and how music and sound effects might fit inClick here for full transcription