10th May

Mostly thoughts about working with challenging youngsters, planing the Sydney Gardens Mediascape, with plans for the use of Flckr and Twitter, and games - taking old games and developing them - adding the dimension of digital mediaClick here for full transcription

25th March

Seminar by Simon Games - Pervasive media and games playing, the Bowler Hat game and Moose Hunt - Lecture on the phenomenon of Peer to Peer technology, Michael Bauwens, The Arnolfini - Ants V Elephants - David and GoliathClick here for full transcription

18th March

Thoughts on recording the work that I am doing - and opportunities missed - Bob Hughes - Dust and Magic - on topology, looking at the digital revolution in terms of exploration - Pause and Effect - perspective and plot - The voyeur of the flâneur - More thoughts on the Sydney Garden project - Games, gaming and game theory - the real and the virtual - thoughts on the seminar Click here for full transcription