8th April

Thoughts leading from the reading of Bob Hughes book ‘Dust and Magic’ - Talking to Carolyn Hassan at the Knowle West Media Centre - Thoughts about Peer2Peer, blogging (Stephen Hepple) - Seeing what you expect to see - IT solutions designed by large corporations, or by committee.
Click here for full transcription

9th March

More thoughts on the blog and transcribing - Pedagogy and community arts - musing on content and reading - Lots of housekeeping - a diary of things to be done, people to visit, a website to buildClick here for full transcription

4th March

More sorting of blogging and walking, walking and blogging, recording, typing, transcribing, and summarising - Thoughts on the seminar by Mobile Pie and Thoughtden, pervasive media and GPS - The iPhone and the Apple App store phenomenon - A little further with ideas for the Sydney Gardens project - intro to the possibility of looking at community arts and educationClick here for full transcription

28th February

On the technicalities of blogging again - Second life and virtual reality - The Sydney Gardens project at the Holburne Museum in Bath - The presentation of work to date - a slideshow produced for the Holburne Education staff - Further thoughts on Duncan Speakman's seminar and the nature of headphone wearing, leading into some thoughts on telling personal stories - real or imaginary - Further thoughts on the nature of time and space - in relation to film, mediascape - the temporal as opposed to spatialClick here for full transcription

24th February

Experimentation in walking and blogging - Thoughts about the Silver project and Bridgeman Art Library - Update on the Sydney Gardens project - Brief thoughts on the Sky projectClick here for full transcription

22nd February

Starting with thoughts about what I am trying to do with this blog, the technicalities and ideas behind it - Going on to describe the Mediascape project that I am planning to do as the main element of this extended practice.Click here for full transcription