Knowle West

12th May

More thoughts about working with challenging youngsters, report back on my meeting with Carolyn Hassan at the Knowle West Media Centre, further plans for the Sydney Garden project and plans for the coming year - including looking for funding from Adobe

and always have an exit strategy...Click here for full transcription

4th May

Thoughts on the technology and pedagogy, the difficulty of using the PC’s and iPaqs, working with excluded teenagers, thinking about the organisation of the siteClick here for full transcription

16th April

Flickr and photoshop Ping Pong, the Knowle West media centre, and the blueboard project that they have been involved in, more on the old scholars recordings and the technicalities of creating mediascapeClick here for full transcription

14th April

The structure of the Mediascape project, being created and guided by the students, by consensus, rather than by me - The evaluation of the project by both students and me - Both of these in relation to the experience of the Knowle West Media CentreClick here for full transcription

8th April

Thoughts leading from the reading of Bob Hughes book ‘Dust and Magic’ - Talking to Carolyn Hassan at the Knowle West Media Centre - Thoughts about Peer2Peer, blogging (Stephen Hepple) - Seeing what you expect to see - IT solutions designed by large corporations, or by committee.
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