30th May

Last blogwalk - taking photos for a photosynth, some self evaluation of the past weeks work in the Sydney Gardens, further thoughts on the website in relation to maps and mapping.Click here for full transcription

25th March

Seminar by Simon Games - Pervasive media and games playing, the Bowler Hat game and Moose Hunt - Lecture on the phenomenon of Peer to Peer technology, Michael Bauwens, The Arnolfini - Ants V Elephants - David and GoliathClick here for full transcription

4th March

More sorting of blogging and walking, walking and blogging, recording, typing, transcribing, and summarising - Thoughts on the seminar by Mobile Pie and Thoughtden, pervasive media and GPS - The iPhone and the Apple App store phenomenon - A little further with ideas for the Sydney Gardens project - intro to the possibility of looking at community arts and educationClick here for full transcription