Sydney Gardens Project

30th May

Last blogwalk - taking photos for a photosynth, some self evaluation of the past weeks work in the Sydney Gardens, further thoughts on the website in relation to maps and mapping.Click here for full transcription

27th May

reporting back on day two of the Sydney gardens projectClick here for full transcription

26th May

Report back on day one of the Sydney Gardens project, frustration with the technology, but getting to grips with the projectClick here for full transcription

26th May

Thoughts and practical ideas in the run up to the Sydney Gardens project, and the nature of collaborationClick here for full transcription

24th May

Practicalities, clipboards, disposable cameras and happenings in the partk,. Bridgeman Art Library and copyright. Longer term plans, work for next year perhaps. More thoughts on games. and then on to thoughts about this journal - thoughts on the nature of Space - and having fun as a philosophy - playing.Click here for full transcription

17th May

gaming and the pedagogy of the hats and sofa - having fun, creativity and teamwork, ways of drawing the drawing out, drawing out the drawing, the nature of digital media - giving young people a sense of power, using a physical map to represent the media scape in the Syndey Gardens. Photosync, tagging, and story telling, the sharing of memory and the collective unconscious. Culture.Click here for full transcription

13th May

Thoughts on the Sydney Gardens project, history, weaving a tapestry, creating patchwork quilts and digital stories - The landscape metaphor, Bob Hughes again - Thinking about storytelling - an idea to include a talk from Cleo Whit about the history of Sydney GardensClick here for full transcription

12th May

More thoughts about working with challenging youngsters, report back on my meeting with Carolyn Hassan at the Knowle West Media Centre, further plans for the Sydney Garden project and plans for the coming year - including looking for funding from Adobe

and always have an exit strategy...Click here for full transcription

10th May

Mostly thoughts about working with challenging youngsters, planing the Sydney Gardens Mediascape, with plans for the use of Flckr and Twitter, and games - taking old games and developing them - adding the dimension of digital mediaClick here for full transcription

23rd April

A response to the first lesson with sound recordings, thinking about the nature of mediascape and sound recording, more thoughts on how I shall organise the Sydney Gardens projectClick here for full transcription

14th April

The structure of the Mediascape project, being created and guided by the students, by consensus, rather than by me - The evaluation of the project by both students and me - Both of these in relation to the experience of the Knowle West Media CentreClick here for full transcription

18th March

Thoughts on recording the work that I am doing - and opportunities missed - Bob Hughes - Dust and Magic - on topology, looking at the digital revolution in terms of exploration - Pause and Effect - perspective and plot - The voyeur of the flâneur - More thoughts on the Sydney Garden project - Games, gaming and game theory - the real and the virtual - thoughts on the seminar Click here for full transcription

11th March

The Apple seminar on Mobile Technology, exhibitions - Tom's Bennett's mediascape in Bristol Docks - More diary/housekeeping on the Sydney Garden's mediascape and digital story tellingClick here for full transcription

4th March

More sorting of blogging and walking, walking and blogging, recording, typing, transcribing, and summarising - Thoughts on the seminar by Mobile Pie and Thoughtden, pervasive media and GPS - The iPhone and the Apple App store phenomenon - A little further with ideas for the Sydney Gardens project - intro to the possibility of looking at community arts and educationClick here for full transcription

2nd March

Duncan Speakman's 'Always Something Somewhere Else' - This in relation to the mediascapes that I plan to attempt with my students - The Mole Game, games playing and fun - In relation to the Syndey Gardens mediascape project - Getting into ideas about personal experience and story telling, interviews and thoughts, and how music and sound effects might fit inClick here for full transcription

22nd February

Starting with thoughts about what I am trying to do with this blog, the technicalities and ideas behind it - Going on to describe the Mediascape project that I am planning to do as the main element of this extended practice.Click here for full transcription