13th May

Thoughts on the Sydney Gardens project, history, weaving a tapestry, creating patchwork quilts and digital stories - The landscape metaphor, Bob Hughes again - Thinking about storytelling - an idea to include a talk from Cleo Whit about the history of Sydney Gardens
windy another day of wind, how wind affects your mood! yesterday in the park went okay the children tend to be in groups can be a bit groupy rather than going off and taking it really seriously although there are some nice images. I haven’t had time to listen to the sound yet.

One thing to do would be to record Cleo walking around the grounds talking about the history of the Sydney Gardens because she will have all that knowledge in her head and she would be able to give us a fantastic tour which we could record and sort of weave that into the story here and there as a thread that fits in a bit like this if it one with the old scholars so we could have snippets of her talking and snippets of interviews with park users and weave the other stories into that students own stories and thoughts and photographs and that would allow old photographs and maps to go in there as well so it ends up the same sort of conglomeration and just reading I can’t remember what I was reading yesterday that it had the root of the word document documentary and also the root of the word text the root of the word text coming from the same place as textile to weave reading words together to create a narrative to create a story I can’t remember where document came from I shall have to look at up when I get home

patchwork quilts seem to be quite a theme with different people producing the quilt images of early American explorers come to mind each person produces a little bit of the quilt and then they all get sewn together into a whole this idea of a patchwork of experience and memories which fits in really well with my ideas of web 2.0 and little snippets from everybody the wiki idea it also fits really well with the metaphor for what we are creating the idea of a map that you look down on a map from above and you get that sort of patchwork quilt of imagery from Google maps it fits in with that and it fits in with ideas of working with school of each child producing a piece of work that fits into a whole and then thinking further about this metaphor and how the brain likes metaphor again from Bob Hughes thing how the websites and the Apple desktop produces a metaphor and how this can be empowering because we like to create images to make sense of things but also it can be restricting as with the art department website once you have created that metaphor that illusion then you have got to stick with it because if you then break that metaphor like when we were coming out to serendipity to the blog it feels uncomfortable evolution is broken

confessions memories sort of fit in with the secrets idea with the website of secrets and sort of secretly sharing things that you have done from your childhood and the personal and the memory thing fits in really well and everyone has those memories we can dig back as far as we can although we could structure it a little bit thinking about a lovely memory and a sad memory one that was really disturbing and those sort of things I think that would really work no matter what age and it should produce something interesting

how about a mediascape based on a fairy story in a wood or a park taking you into a fantasy world as you walk about perhaps aimed at younger children perhaps using Jane as the storyteller